Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Historic Night In Denver

Bill Clinton addresses the Democratic Convention on Wednesday Night. 80,000 are expected at Invesco Field in Denver for Barack Obama's speech tonight.

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

That big noise you heard coming from the direction of the Rockie Mountains last night was a sigh. A huge sigh of relief. Former President Bill Clinton gave his blessing to the Barack Obama nomination for President. That coupled with Hillary Clinton's rousing endorsement the night before ended any drama that the Clintons might not give the nominee their fullest support.

But yet there they were...together...smiling..clapping hands as Presidential candidate Barack Obama took the stage at the Pepsi Center.

This ended the thought of any challenge from the Clinton camp. It was a historic night because it was the first time in history that somebody who wasn't a White Guy was officially nominated to run for President of the USA. It also ended any speculation that Al Gore would suddenly jump out and say he is the real candidate along with Hillary Clinton as his running mate. There's always 2012.

You don't think that the Democratic Party was a little nervous about Mr. Clinton's speech? Then why didn't they put easily the most eloquent and best speaker for the Dems on in prime time? Oh yeah...Joe Biden gave a pretty good least we think it was his speech. Hard to lift a speech against John McCain from the English Parliament.

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