Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lynn Johnston Takes A Do-Over

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

I was thinking about Lynn Johnston this morning.

For the uninformed, Lynn Johnston is the creator, writer, and artist for the enormously successful and long-running comic strip For Better or Worse. Johnston, now 61, has decided to not take retirement and let us enjoy in Classic For Better or Worse strips. She has decided to do something very unique.

Starting on Monday, she will rewind and start the story of the family in the strip from the very beginning as it did in 1979. But with a twist. She will add to the strip...flesh out the storylines and explore characters and people she didn't have the time to do when she was younger and working under the pressure of a deadline. She is also expected to revert to her original style as an artist...a style she preferred.

The strip is already unique in the fact that it is one of the few comics where everything happens in real time. People age and mature and dogs and other pets pass. The only other strip that I can remember doing that is Gasoline Alley. Luann did it to a point but the kids now are stuck in high school.

This idea is just brilliant. How many times in your life do you wish that you could just with an erasure and pen recreate moments in your life just a little differently or maybe the same, possibly changing the outcome of your life? I do.

Best wishes to Ms. Johnston. And for the new generation that has missed this wonderful strip...Monday's the day to jump in.

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