Saturday, March 11, 2023

It's All Part of My Rock and Roll Fantasy

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

When I was eight years old, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Cahill, (shoutout to Richman Elementary in Fullerton, CA) gave us the assignment to write a story and then draw an illustration to go with the story.

My story was of a fictitious band called the Removers in which I was the frontman. My brother was the drummer and two of our relatives were the bass and lead guitarist.

I had a hard time drawing a guitar so I went to just putting tambourines in my hands. But you can tell it’s me because I drew myself with my signature crew cut.

I ran out of space so I ditched the fourth member of the group. I found out later, from my artist/art teacher wife that I actually made the right call artistically. It’s called “the rule of thirds”.

Plus my cousin wasn’t a great guitarist anyway.

So we became a power trio.

Check out our outfits. So Mod.

To make an already long story shorter... This crayon drawing ended up on the walls of the Muckenthaler Center. Each year they would highlight the "best" art from the grade schoolers in Fullerton.

To this day...I wonder how I got in that exhibit. Was Mrs. Cahill on the board that chose the winners? Look at this drawing...It's horrible! Now my neighbor friend Larry Dodson could draw and paint! He was an artist! Me....not so much....but I digress.

So, I ended up as the answer to a trivia question. If you want to win a bet and the question is. “Whose art was displayed at the Muckenthaler Center first? Is it Fine Artist Marta Bacon (whose had more than one of her pieces displayed over the years at the Muck) or her husband Allen Bacon? .... the answer would be me, Allen Bacon .

The Removers were a cover band. We played a lot of Monkees, Beatles, Buffalo Springfield and whatever else I was listening to on KEZY 1190 AM on my AM Transistor radio in 1967.

Now if I can just find my story. It’s somewhere in my garage.

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