Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Loses by Role Reversal

Presidential Debate Analysis 
By Doug Vehle
For the Daily Bosco

So it's been one of my big gags for the election saying that after all she has done, some people are still ready to look the other way and vote for Hillary Clinton. But bring up Donald Trump who basically has no skeletons in the closet that compare to those of his rival, then listen to the horror of Hillary supporters as they gasp: 'Trump! He has a. . . a BIG MOUTH!' Yeah, I could see where a big mouth would outweigh scoffing at national security and then madly destroying the evidence AFTER she's been caught. (This is where I'd put the eye roll emotioncon if I was into those.) But now Hillary supporters, you have reason to express even greater shock at your candidate than at The Donald: Hillary has unleashed the biggest loudmouth moment of the election inspiring jokes, tshirts, maybe even lost the first debate before it started.

You see it all through the debate, though less and less as the horror of losing began to show in her face. But that smug, elitist smile, backed up by contemptuous comments, even her supporters are admitting they're having a little trouble with it. Harder still to realize it's a further confirmation that Hillary, not The Donald, has had the biggest single foot in mouth moment in the campaign.In her great desire to point the finger, it was Hillary who roved most deplorable.

If you didn't see it a few weeks ago, just picture that smug, 'I'm better than you all' smirk that came out so often in the earlier part of the debate, when she could still believe she was doing well enough. She was already leaving the stage after that speech a few weeks ago when she apparently was overwhelmed by the ease of preaching to the choir. Then she came back.

I've always said that some of the most important things a person ever says are suddenly blurted out in an unthinking moment. Years of guarded performances don't outweigh that moment when Toto pulls away the curtain hiding the Wizard of Oz. Don't waste your time saying pay no attention, I'm gonna go see what the dog saw.

In one of the smuggest moments Hillary Clinton has ever allowed herself to reveal, she reveled in the power of leading the self absorbed. 'WE can do no wrong. WE are better than anyone who is not us. WE don't have to care about anyone but ourselves.' This was her message when she called Trump supporters ". . . .A basket of DEPLORABLES."

She has since wavered, acknowledging she shouldn't have said it one moment but trying to 'Gracefully' contend she's right in most others. The candidate some call the most out of touch in history doesn't bother to notice the polls that can top 80% saying the government isn't interested in representing us and never stops to think about that. Instead she clings to the opinion of that truly deplorable article in 'The National Review,' with the thesis 'Pay no attention to Mike in Garbutt, New York.' An article that says anyone who thinks the country is going to hell in a handbasket deserves to go there. Hillary Clinton wants to dismiss them as a handbasket of deplorables. And she does.

Which continued to show in her face in the debate, as she wore the same expression with which she revealed her inner feelings. Until she started realizing she was losing. Can't say I thought showing panic in her face during a debate was particularly presidential. I'd say she had a Nixon type outing in this debate, her supporters were probably much more comfortable listening to her on the radio than watching the reveals in her face on television.

So could there be anyone more strident than a convert? Such as a onetime Hillary supporter who now sees through her? Right about now I'm not ready to see any good in her, there's so much bad showing through that's new to me. You're going to need a bigger basket, Hillary, those you deplore greatly outnumber those you don't. I wonder just how many of your supporters don't realize how much you deplore THEM.

At some point, all those Democratic spindoctors are going to have to admit they've already dislocated all their shoulders madly patting themselves on the back trying to pretend they're not out of touch. They'll have to realize that everyone is laughing at them as they spend the day trying to pretend they won. Aren't they? I don't think I've ever seen such a moment of people considering themselves the intellectual superior openly telling people they have to be the unthinking sheep and follow, with so many accepting that. Such as polls where more than half of registered Democrats support repealing First Amendment and banning free speech.

Maybe they'll at least catch on that this whole 'Must play the ultimate politician' game of theirs is not some rule they get to force on others. No, you don't get to demand others enforce YOUR PERSONAL RULES. No, nobody has to think you wrote the rulebook and let your candidate win because that's how YOU want it. It seems so trademark that the party I've been a member of my entire adult is no longer the party I joined but a party of whiners and pouters putting on a delusional campaign, hoping there'll be enough similarly delusional voters to follow them. Listening to the callers offering backhanded support to Hillary Clinton on the radio today is just as revealing for the struggle as was Hillary's struggle.

But wake up to this: How many Americans would be proud to say "I was delusional when delusional wasn't cool?" Versus "I was DEPLORABLE when deplorable wasn't cool?" Or are you too out of touch to get it?

Monday, September 5, 2016

It's Not Over Till It's Over

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

I was reading the sports section of my local newspaper this past week and I could not believe what I was reading.

My home county and favorite Major League Baseball team, The Los Angeles Angels (They actually play out of Anaheim, Orange County, CA) as of Labor Day Evening are 13 games out of the final wild card playoff spot with 25 games to play.

That means that we have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, right?  That means we still have a chance of making the playoffs, right?

Yet here was an article about how the players are working for earning spots on the team for NEXT YEAR, playing spoiler to teams in the playoff hunt, and how the Angels will look next year with everybody healthy.   They were talking as if the outcome this year is a forgone conclusion.

Now I will concede that it is going to be nearly impossible for The Angels to get into the playoffs at this point.  They will have to leapfrog over six teams (Houston, New York, Kansas City, Seattle, Chicago and Boston or Baltimore) to make the playoffs and probably have to play a one game playoff to get to the wild card game.  That is going to be an extremely difficult thing to do.

So, for laughs, I looked at the schedules (taking into account that the teams will be playing against each other along the way sometimes) and did the math and it could still happen as long as the six aforementioned teams have a catastrophic collapse down the stretch and the Angels are near perfect for the next three weeks.

After a franchise tying eleven straight losses the Angels have been quietly playing decent baseball over the last three weeks.  Since that eleven game hiccup they have won 13 out of 19 and are definitely not playing like a team that has lead the Majors with key injuries (especially to the pitching staff) this season.

They are not conceding the season and neither am I as their number one fan.

In other words, right now, the Angels are playing like we expected them to play before the season started.

Helping matters as they play down the stretch will be the fact that the Angels will play 16 of the remaining 25 at home and 20 of the 25 are against teams in front of them so they will be able to help their own cause.

Call me naive, but I never give up on my teams until it is mathematically over with.

We Angel fans should know better.

In 2002, the Angels actually had the worst start in franchise history and were left for dead but they came all the way back to sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card team and went on a run to win the World Series.

Last year they came back from a large deficit and took the Texas Rangers to the last day of the season before bowing out of the race.

I know what I am hoping for is going to be near impossible.  But it's fun to dream isn't it?

Kind of like buying a lottery ticket.

So look out Chicago White Sox...you're next.  (The Angels have moved within 3 games of the Pale Hose as they move up the ladder toward the playoffs)

Go Angels!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

He Could Have Been The Next Golden Boy

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco


The Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio are half over!

Next week you will be able to go back to watching real live sporting events as they happen on Free TV. Also take solace in this one fact: Dancing With The Stars is only about a month away. Oh, wait that's on a time delay to the west coast too.

But as I prepare to close my notebook of scribblings on this Olympiad, I jotted down a few notes I want to share with you.

Olympic Committee, if you are reading, please feel free to use my ideas. Because, unlike watching live Olympic coverage on television and online, they are free.

As I made my way across the Western United States one morning last week, I stopped off for a cup of coffee and a Breakfast Burrito at a place that had a television and actually found myself, for the first time in my life, watching an Equestrian Dressage Event.  OK I was looking to see how Anne  and Mitt Romney's horse was going to do this time or even if they had a horse entered.  That's all I know about the sport of Equestrian.  But I digress.

This was one of the most amazing events I had seen. These horses are incredible. They had these huge creatures dancing and prancing and being light on their feet, er hoofs.

They were dancing better than Adam Carola did when he was on Dancing With The Stars.

Then I thought. Wait a minute. Why do horses get to be in the Olympics representing their country? What about other members of the animal kingdom? Why are dogs, cats, possums, mice and rats excluded from the Olympics? This is discriminatory and wrong. This must end.

I know the wheels of change turn slow at the Olympics. Just think how long it took for them to get BMX into the games. Or, did you know that the last Olympiad in London was the very first Olympics that every country participating had a woman athlete?

Let me ask you something. What would you rather watch? Horses dancing and prancing around or Dog Frisbee?

I rest my case.

This may be my only chance at getting into the Olympics for me unless I take a shot at the Walk race (there was one guy that was older than me competing..or maybe he just looked that way...from all that walking) or rhythmic gymnastics. I am really good at throwing rainbow colored ribbons into the air and catching them.

Now, if only they put Dog Frisbee in the Olympics, I may have a legit shot.

My Yellow Labrador Chad (who passed away this past February) could have had a great shot at making the team. He could have been the next Golden Boy. 

Chad had an incredible back story.  I could just see the pre-recorded video on him. He was a rescue dog rescued by his owner (me) from living practically next door to the Disneyland Matterhorn and the fireworks show every night in Anaheim.

Think about being a dog in those circumstances. Dogs go crazy every Fourth of July. For Chad it was like it was the Fourth of July every night! Because of that fact, he was partially deaf which would make him the first technically disabled animal of the Olympics.

Then he had to overcome his fear. This is weird for being a Labrador Retriever.  He had a fear of water and a dislike of fetching and retrieving stuff.

But we got over that by being innovative and coming up with the first Frisbee Steak. Before, Chad wouldn't fetch anything. Throw a ball or a Frisbee out and most Labradors will instinctively run after it, track it down and bring it back to you. Not Chad.  He would give me a stare as if to say "Are you kidding me. You go get it yourself".

This is until I strapped some Carne Asada from La Bodega Market onto the Frisbee and threw it out there. Then you should have seen the transformation.

It was like Chad became a combination of Olga Korbutt, Cathy Rigby, and Tim Dagget rolled into one. It was a thing of beauty. It made me cry.

I also think of how much Chad would have been worth in advertising value after he won his gold medals. Think about it. Most of the dogs in television commercials are either Yellow Labs or Golden Retrievers.

Chad would have been a natural. He was a good looking blonde Southern California boy with a laid back personality. He could be on the Wheaties and/or Purina Dog Chow box with his Gold medals around his thick muscular neck ala Michael Phelps.

I thought Chad had probably one more shot at making the Olympics in Rio this year, then he could have hung up his frisbee.  But like every pet, his time on the planet was way too short (even though he lived a long, happy life for a Labrador. He was sixteen years old when he passed)

And that is why it is imperative that the Olympic Committee move fast on this. Because there could be another Chad out there waiting for his break and opportunity to represent his country.

I thank you for your support and your letter writing on this matter.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Creedence Clearwater Re-Imagined Latin Style

Quiero Creedence - 
The Latin Tribute to CCR
Enrique Bunbury,  Juan Gabriel,
Los Lonely Boys, A Band of Bitches,
Billy Gibbons, Ozomatli, Enjambre,
El Tri, Salvador Santana, La Marisoul
Los Lobos,  Bang Data,  Juanes
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

Since I (and most people from my generation) have pretty much memorized the entire Creedence Clearwater Revival music catalog and can play most of their music, I was particularly interested in a new project that re-imagines CCR with a Latin flavor.

Since CCR will probably never get back together , this is what we can do to pass the time until they decide to bury the hatchet and record again in addition to listening to their original albums.

Quiero Creedence- The Latin Tribute to CCR  with my favorite Latin groups and artists arrived last week and is, in a nutshell, a fun and interesting listen.

Some of the songs are entirely sung in Spanish while others are in Spanglish (a combination English/Spanish) as on "Green River" and Gaby Moreno's musically faithful rendition of "Lookin' Out My Back Door". The remaining are in the original English.

The album is at it's best when it is at it's funkiest and A Band of Bitches take of "Feelin' Blue" complete with a rap is pretty cool, even funkier than CCR's original and my favorite on the album.

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top lends his signature smooth guitar rifts and English language/Texas Twang vocals along with La Marisoul from Santa Cecilia's Spanish Vocals. on "Green River" or if you prefer "Rio Verde".

El Tri takes the tempo up on "Proud Mary" to Ike and Tina Turner pacing in a fun rendition of the iconic song.

Ozomatli covers "Bad Moon Rising", while Juan Gabriel performs a soulful and heartfelt "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" which is a rarity because Gabriel rarely sings somebody else's music.

Salvador Santana with Asdru Sierra from Ozomatli take on probably the most Latin of all CCR songs , "Molina" and add an incredible rap to it.

Los Lobos cover "Bootleg", Enrique Bunbury tackles "Run through the Jungle" while Bang Data does "Fortunate Son".

We'll probably never know what the original surviving members really think of this album, but I have to think that  Stu Cook, John Fogerty, and Doug Clifford would approve of this 14 Song homage to one of America's  all-time favorite rock bands.

As Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys who does a great version of "Born on the Bayou" with their own lyrical twist, said,  "Those guys  (CCR) were some of our teachers...so this is an great honor to do this and to honor our teachers".

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Brandy Clark Avoids Sophomore Jinx

Brandy Clark
Big Day In A Small Town
Warner Brothers Records
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

Sometimes you just need some good ol' fun, uncomplicated country music to take you away from the complexities of life.

Brandy Clark's second album Big Day In A Small Town fits that bill perfectly and a reason why this album has been one of the most heavily anticipated country albums of 2016.

Clark doesn't break any new ground with Big Day... (Due out Friday 6.10.2016) but that's ok.

The album is a reminder of why many of us enjoy country music and a throwback to traditional country music.

This is your Daddy's Country Music.

The first part of that formula is a good story and Brandy Clark can definitely write good stories. Clark, now 40, has been a hit-making country songwriter for a while now.

You've heard her work in singles from Keith Urban, Sheryl Crowe, Kacey Musgraves (Follow Your Arrow), The Band Perry (Better Dig Two) and Miranda Lambert (Mama's Broken Heart), to name a few.

And then there was her debut album, the critically acclaimed  12 Stories in 2013 which brought her into the public consciousness in a big way.

She specializes in wonderful observations of everyday life which is a trademark of good country music. You know these people. You may be one of these people.

Clark can sing well too and her tight backing band sounds great. She gets nice contributions from friends in high places.

For instance, Kacey Musgraves (who Clark has written hit songs) provides harmony on "Daughters" a witty and somewhat comical karma/revenge song.

For Big Day in a Small Town, Clark joined forces with producer Jay Joyce (who has produced Eric Church) and should receive a bigger presence on country radio because of it.

Her voice and stylings are reminiscent of classic Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn and her band is small, efficient and intimate as if you are hearing them on a small honky-tonk stage.

Big Day In A Small Town is definitely worth a listen and should garner a lot of attention on Country Radio and at Awards time.