Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Joe Biden and Lunch Counter Intelligence

Hillary Clinton Addresses the Delegates on Tuesday Night at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

You can tell a lot from a way a person orders and eats lunch at a restaurant.

There's the type of person who is decisive and knows exactly want they want. Like me. I go to the Chipolte Grill...I order a chicken, black bean, green salsa, silantro, and guac' burrito in a flour tortilla and I order an ice tea to wash it down. There is no wavering....There is no second guessing. I know this before I go to the person taking my order. And because I know what I want I eat every last bit of that burrito.

Then there are others that make up the order while the person is taking the order. As if the drive to the restaurant and fifteen minutes at the table with a menu wasn't enough to figure it out. Not mentioning any names but their initials are Nadia Bacon. These people, are also always the ones that have food left over at the end of the meal because again, they didn't know what they wanted and were not happy with their selection.

I bring this up because I heard about something that happened on Monday in Denver. A restaurant in town gets wind that Senator and Barack Obama running mate Joe Biden and his entourage are coming through for lunch. Biden orders a bunch of Turkey legs on top of everything else... Uh, Turkey legs? This isn't Thanksgiving time, is it? Who eats turkey legs for lunch? In August. Even I could tell you that those Turkey legs were going to be spared and not eaten...and sure enough they weren't.

Do we really want a guy that is a heartbeat from the President who isn't decisive enough to even know what he wants for lunch? Do we want a guy that wastes our tax dollars on food that is never going to be eaten? I think fellow Americans.

We already know he can't write a speech on his own.

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Doug Vehle said...

Well, I found it funny that Obama would choose to create the 'Purloined Speech' ticket, what with his OWN reputation for plagurism, but just now as you bring it up, it hits me. This is WHY Obama wants him.

Think about it. Biden's history of intellectual theft dates back to law school, when he was busted for academic fraud for turning in the term paper that had already been published - with the writer's own name on it. Just like Obama repeating so many famous speeches. (You gotta love him going to Berlin and saying "I am a Berliner.")

In spite of his claims of graduating near the top of his college class, Biden was in fact 76th out of 85. Sounds like Obama's claims of being the beloved college instructor when in fact the student evaluations were so often unfavorable. But more to the point, Obama calls himself the candidate for "Change," when in fact his VOTING RECORD in the U.S. Senate indentifies him as a 'Bush Democrat.' Meet the new change, same as the old change.

So when you hear Biden claim to have not one, not two, but THREE B.A.'s as an undergraduate, (He has just one) remember that's in keeping with Obama's political track record of not really doing anything, not introducing legislation, not attending meetings, not reading the materials, etc.

And when Biden tells you he won a full academic scholarship to college when in fact he had none and went on financial aid, keep in mind that Obama claims he's the candidate to unify the Democratic party, although he wasn't even the leading vote getter. Another candidate OUTPOLLED him don't forget, it was just a quirk in the system that put him on the dais there. A Bushism, if you will.

And in that, I find the answer to the question that plagued me on the selection of a running mate with the same poor reputation on the plaguerism thingee --- It is in fact Joe Biden that is able to share in the vision of Barack Obama. Lie, cheat, steal; and don't forget make a mockery of the intelligence of the voters by expecting them to ignore all this, just as some ignored Dubya's four, count 'em FOUR arrests and convictions.

And as Abraham Licnoln said, "You can fool All of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time----" and we'll leave it at that, because obviously that's what Obama is counting on, just like the republicans always do.

And Allen? Great call on the lunch counter. I'm reading 'Blink' (By the author of 'Tipping Point') which is about what he calls "Thin Slicing," finding the patterns in innocuous moments that point to the big picture of someone's behavior. Again, Biden is indecisive at the lunch counter, Obama is indecisive in picking Biden. Shared vision.

I can just see Obama in the White House, the annual pardon of a turkey on Thanksgiving. Obama has second thoughts on continuing the tradition: After, this is an opportunity for CHANGE, and he LOVES turkey. And Biden offers that they can cook it but not eat it. . . .

Humor is the gentle side of truth.
-Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Attributed, as always.