Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are The Clintons Stealing The Show?

The Democratic National Convention is two weeks away, and all eyes are on…Hillary Clinton? Thursday, on To the Point, as Barack Obama wraps up a vacation in Hawaii, some say Bill and Hillary Clinton are stealing the spotlight in Denver? What price is Obama willing to pay for party unity?

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Doug Vehle said...

Just so they don't speak to him without him speaking to them first, he'll be happy.

But there'll be no party unity behind Obama. Some of us want an ADULT nominee, not a kid living in a 'Candyland' game fantasy. When a guy is criticised for his lack of planning on anything, and his lack of an energy policy is mentioned, he's gotta figure it out that he only further pisses the ADULTS off when he says "But my policy includes 150mpg hybrids." Like he really has studied the subject if he doesn't know that no hybrid will ever get 150mpg, the laws of physics take precedence over the waltz to sugarcandy mountain.

So he'll shut up and let Hillary be placed in nomination and her delegates counted. He'll never seriously consider that some of the people who promised to vote for him aren't obligated, and he won't be thinking that they might actually decide to right a wrong here.

Of course, I'm not seriously thinking these superdelegates will live up to their duty to America and right a wrong, either, I think they'll let the candyland game continue. And who knows, maybe he'll choose Pikachu as his running mate. . . .