Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally...Olympic Coverage Your Way

Right: Team USA's Water Polo phenom Natalie Golda. The Water Polo games can be seen live via the NBC website

This morning the talk around the water cooler will probably be about how great our gymnasts or how great Mr. Phelps is doing at the Olympics. And those have been great to watch...but I've been watching other coverage...on NBC's website (linked by Bosco Radio, by the way).

You see, I like gymnastics and swimming as much as the next person. But I really love baseball, softball, and water polo even more. I also like watching and listening to sports events live as they happen. That is the premise of Bosco Radio Sports, my little virtual radio station in the sidebar. All live, all the time.

So last night I was in Olympic sports heaven. Because I was going around to events live in progress. There was a very compelling baseball game between China and China Taipei which went extra. There was a great game between Cuba and the USA in baseball. The USA Softball team with one of our hometown ladies Jenny Topping was applying the mercy rule on Japan. And I was also able to watch live as the USA Women's Water Polo team took on Russia with our hometown lady Natalie Golda leading the charge. None of this, to my knowledge was on any of the network coverage on cable and broadcast television.

And the best thing....and I'm going to be thought of as a heretic because I am a part time PA announcer for baseball...there were no announcers. Just the sights and sounds of the game with the score and players shown on screen. And I didn't miss the announcers either.

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

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