Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Americana" Serves Up Three Slices of Life

Opens Saturday
Fullerton CA
Sa & Su 5 PM
Written by 
David Macaray 

With the closing of Monkey Wrench and Hunger Artist Theaters last year, live original plays, written and performed by local talent took a major hit in North Orange County, CA

At STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, CA earlier this year, many took part in a quick survey the small theater provided, and there was an overwhelming request to see more original (unpublished) plays.

Starting on Saturday (June 29), STAGEStheatre introduces three short-act plays written by David Macaray and Directed by Phil Brickey.

The Trio of plays fall under the umbrella title Americana.

In The French Club, when a married couple drops by a car lot to check out the latest models, they encounter a salesman who turns out to be part-psychologist, part-sociologist, and part-con man.

Despite keeping their guard up, they soon find themselves players in a bizarre psycho-drama, ending in seduction, betrayal and, perhaps, the purchase of a brand new, fully loaded XL-70.

In No Salesman Will Call,  a woman who takes great pride in her sales resistance (but also happens to be a helpless buyer of consumer junk) answers a knock at her door. It’s a salesman. She hates salesmen, and she hates predatory sales techniques, but, paradoxically, she loves buying stuff.

Alas, our economy would collapse without people like her.

In Nature a college professor with “women problems” meets an almost totally uninhibited young woman in a park. Despite being polar opposites, they manage to more or less hit it off. Meanwhile, in a nearby tree, a mother bird frantically fights to keep marauding crows from killing her babies.

It’s part-allegory, part-sitcom

Americana features Richard Burnes, Amy Lauren Gettys, Tracy C. Marquis, R. Anthony Martinez, KC Marie Pandell, Jamie Sowers and Jason Sutton.

Show times for Americana are Saturdays and Sundays at 5 PM.

STAGESTheater is located at 400 E. Commonwealth in Downtown Fullerton, CA (between Lemon and Balcom).

For reservations, go to

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