Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Your Kicks at Dave's Route 66 Diner

Dave's Route 66 Diner & Brewery
Corner of International and 188th
Seatac, Washington
4  Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

I admit it. I'm a sucker for anything Route 66.

I just love the Mother Road.

I've been on ten car trips on the road in my life plus I've hiked a 50 mile stretch of it from Pasadena to San Bernardino. My dad and I are talking about taking a Model T the distance from Santa Monica to Chicago.

So when I found myself in Seatac, Washington recently and I saw Dave's Diner & Brewery I just had to go and I stop every time I am in Seattle.

That's because they have the biggest collection of Route 66 memorabilia I have ever seen and it is after all modeled after an old diner. This is all coming from an eating establishment that is, oh, a good 1000 miles from the actual Route 66.

The folks that serve are friendly and the food is pretty decent. I ate breakfast and of course had the Route 66 Scramble...absolutely delicious especially after I had been hiking around the Puget Sound area that day.

Dave's is good anytime of the day too with great lunches, dinners and Happy Hour.

Dave's has been around since 1996. The waiters and waitresses have a tendency to stay around. One person I talked to had been with Dave's Diner for twelve years. It seemed like a fun place to work.

The restaurant is located less than a mile from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and is perfect for a pre-flight or after flight meal.

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