Monday, November 19, 2012

The 31 Flavors of Frozen Yogurt

Various Locations
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

Once upon a time...ok it was the 1970's... the only way you could get frozen yogurt in my hometown of Fullerton, CA was by going to this sit down restaurant called JoJos (where the CVS Pharmacy is now on the corner of Bastanchury and Harbor.)

As an aside...I never understood if JoJos was a cousin or sister of Cocos.  But I digress.

You got a choice of two flavors of yogurt then.  Raspberry and Vanilla. That was it. 

Kind of like going to Pinkberrys.

You knew you were doing something good for yourself  by eating this treat.  Hey, it's yogurt afterall. It's gotta be good.

But the reality is it was like that episode of Seinfeld where the gang is eating "fat-free yogurt" but still gaining weight.  Really on the health factor,  it was just a hair better than eating the Ice Cream at 31 Flavors.

I also liked 31 Flavors too during those years.  I was fascinated by the ever-changing array of flavors each month.

I liked Bubble Gum flavor. (that was the one where you actually got bubble gum inside delicious pink ice cream)

Of course this wide range of flavors didn't do anything for my dad who would be happy if 31 Flavors adopted the model of Pinkberrys with two flavors and that would be of course Vanilla and Chocolate.

So I always wondered what would happen if somebody actually applied the 31 Flavors model to the Yogurt Business.  And on top of that...You got to serve yourself and paid by the weight of the yogurt.

Oh look...Yogurtland does that.

I am proud to say that the now worldwide phenomena known as Yogurtland actually has it's roots in my hometown.  This was where the first Yogurtland was located.

Of course, Yogurt Guru and Yogurtland founder Philip Chang started this concept of self serve when he was serving Bobaloca here in town.  That didn't go so well but Mr. Chang noticed two things... People like to serve themselves and they like variety.

I like the texture of Yogurtland's yogurt.  It's creamy and tasty.  And I like the fact that at any given time they will have up to three NSA (No sugar added) varieties on hand.

My favorites right now are the NSA Banana-Strawberry Taffy and the seasonal Pumpkin Pie and Peppermint yogurts.

Top it off with a wide range of toppings...around 20 I counted...and a bright, cheery decor and atmosphere.  This just might work.

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