Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coffee and Pie with a Side of Atmosphere

Polly's Pies 
Raymond Ave. 
Fullerton, CA 
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco 

Usually when I write about food and restaurants here, I am looking for the latest and the trendiest but today I want to talk about a place I almost take for granted. Almost...But I don't.

That's because Polly's Pies has been in the same location in my hometown of Fullerton for 42 years now and I have been going there almost since it's inception.

I unashamedly love Polly's Pies. If there was ever the quintessential hometown cafe, Polly's is the place.

The next time you step in to the restaurant look around. The atmosphere is wonderful. It's a cross-generational mix with Grandparents and Great Grandparents sharing meals with grandchildren and their parents in a quaint setting. Young and old love Polly's.

The location in Fullerton is not actually my favorite, I must tell you...from a location standpoint. Polly's Fullerton now stands like a beacon in it's original location in an old and tired strip mall on Raymond Avenue between an Auto Parts store and a Discount store.

I was kind of hoping they would have moved into one of the historical places like the old Bus Depot downtown when it was available.

Polly's did something like that with their Yorba Linda restaurant on Imperial. They moved into the old Red Line and Train Station. I like that because along with getting the good food and service you are sitting in a historical place as well.

I love the service because, here's a place where the waitresses and waiters actually remember your name and what you like. And it's a mix of the established veterans like Peggy along with the kids working through Fullerton High or Fullerton College.

The pies are my favorite. I have a long standing tradition of waiting for June to have the first Olalieberry pie of the season...they only have those for one month.

This past weekend, I wanted a sugar-free Banberry pie to go. They didn't have one but they made it for me right on the spot in less than ten minutes.

Great and hearty food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with decent pricing. My favorite meal is still the Pollyburger Special substituting a turkey patty for the ground round with a side of vegetables, slaw and a pie.

One Thanksgiving, we decided to take a break from cooking because we were flat out tired from working and that year so we had Polly's make it for us. It served four very nicely and was under $80. Turkey, ham, the fixings and a pie. It was plenty of food for four. Just order ahead and pick up on Thanksgiving morning.

I want to come back to the atmosphere.

In the beginning they had an old player piano as you walked in. A lot of memories of that. Like when my daughter, when she was three, putting on a show by pretending to play the piano or dancing to the music for everybody waiting to be seated.

That would be cool if they brought that back.

But in the meantime, we still have the great pie, coffee, food and atmosphere at Pollys.

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