Monday, July 30, 2012

This Road Is Music To Our Ears

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

I just have to tell you about this musical road out here in Southern California.

Apparently some engineers have come up with a way to play the William Tell Overture (AKA the Lone Ranger theme song) as you drive over a stretch of road in Lancaster, CA. But you have to be good and drive 55.

I'm guessing if you drive like 70 mph it will sound like an Alvin and the Chipmunk song. If you drive backwards there may be some demonic message in the backmasking like "Paul is Dead" or "Drive the right direction you idiot".

Nice...Now there is a reason to actually go to Lancaster, CA.

I'm hoping this thing catches on. oh think of the possibilities....

If you drive too will play AC/DC's Highway to Hell or the Eagle's James Dean

Some parts of Route 66 will play Nelson Riddle's theme from the TV show. Other parts will have "Get Your Kicks on Route 66"...but only if it's the Rolling Stone's version.

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