Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Failure To Communicate

Op-ed by Allen Bacon, Daily Bosco

One of the recurring themes of this publication has been how the media covers tragic events. Or more accurately how they fail to cover tragic events correctly.

After all these years, the mass media....across the board (Television, Newspapers, Blogs, Radio, etc.) still does not get it right.

This past week there were three horrible events that occured that demonstrated this breakdown and deficiency.

The horrible tragedy in Aurora, CO where a psychopath with a gun entered a crowded movie theater and killed 12 and injured 58 innocents was met with the same type of coverage that we always get.

All the media wants to know and report is how this lowest of lifeforms did this....what his name is...what he looks like...what, if any his political agenda he did he accomplished this heinous crime.

Don't you think that this moron was maybe, just maybe trying to get his name in the Guiness Book of World Records for the biggest Mass Murder in the history of mankind?

He should not get his name and photo and agenda plastered all over the place.  He does not get his five minutes of fame for this heinous thing he did.  Don't you think there is another deranged person somewhere taking notes on this so he can get his shot at the World Record for most people killed?

What the media should be focusing on is the psychological profile of this psychopath, without using his name, and how he got to this point.  The media should be focusing on the innocent victims.  The media should be focusing on how, we as a society, allow this to happen time and time again.

And you know what one of the answers would be? A lot of the blame falls on the shoulders of the Mass Media.

Another event that happened this week actually happened in my hometown of Fullerton, CA.

This sexual deviant posing as an Acupuncture Doctor sexually assaulted a patient at an Accupuncture Clinic. The woman, when she realized what had happened, fled the scene and reported it to the authorities.

A reporter, and I use this term loosely, named Matt Coker who writes for OC Weekly posting on his publication's blog, made light of the matter, joking about the incident in his post.

Memo to Matt Coker.....The woman was sexually assaulted.  This is not a laughing matter.  Hopefully OC Weekly Editor in Chief Gustavo Arrellanos will not allow that version of the story to make it to print and take it off their website.

The third thing I find just wrong is how ESPN covered Penn State Joe Paterno's cover up of Jerry Sandusky's horrid and heinous sex crimes against innocent young boys.

Two people I do not want to have covering Sexual molestation stories is Buster Olney and Mike Golic.  Good baseball and football analysts respectively....but please spare me their opinion on something they are not equiped to talk about.

There is really no getting around it.  Joe Paterno looked the other way when his guy Sandusky was molesting kids. 

A measure of a man is what he does in private when nobody is looking.  This does not even get close to being a sports story and what his accomplishments were as a football coach.

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