Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Call It "My TV"

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

It may just be me, but have you ever noticed that the email, texts and social media you receive during the course of a day closely resembles programming on a television or radio station?

During the morning and through the afternoon I get a lot of emails for business. This is like my CNBC or CNN. My business and news channel. Frequently updated, it's my lifeblood to my business. Deals are finalized, industry newsletters are received, business appointments are made.

In Primetime (after 8 PM) there is a lot of interesting Reality Email happening. Thanks to Facebook all this stuff is ending up on my email. Forget the Osbournes or the Kardashians or Dancing With the Stars. There is a lot of interesting stuff happening on my email. Like, Bob is up and pacing the floor about his daughter staying out too late on a school night. George is stuck in a Hotel on a business trip in Dallas and misses his wife. Cousin Erik still hates the Redwings. Andy just confirmed he is my friend.

Then there is Late Night. The best thing about late night is my friend Doug's emails. I call this Late Night With Doug Vehle. This is when Doug likes to write or finish off writing his articles. Doug may be a vampire...I haven't confirmed this yet. Doug's emails are like watching a combination of Charlie Rose and Jimmy Fallon. He sends me these great articles he has written that end up here. He sends me well thought-out responses to my posts. He sends me links to these interesting articles he's seen.

Then after that emails get really weird. After 1 AM it's like a steady stream of infomercials. People are hawking everything from Erectile Dysfunction drugs to something called a Sham-wow to some guy who wants to put a million dollars into my bank account.

I better get back to the emails...another broadcast day is about to begin.

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