Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Public Investment, Pork, and Partisanship

One congressman's "public investment" is another one's "pork," and Barack Obama's stimulus package is caught in between. Today (Tuesday) on the To the Point radio program, is $825 billion too much -- or not enough -- to get the economy going? What about tax cuts? Is the new President fighting that old partisanship he promised to transcend?

To The Point is a daily talk and information program hosted by Journalism veteran Warren Olney. Tune into your favorite public radio station to listen and join the discussion or go to www.kcrw.com at 12 noon PST/3 PM EST for the live broadcast. You can also link through Bosco Radio:News and Information at 12 noon PST. The link is in our sidebar.

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Doug Vehle said...

So did the show mintion the 'Spend a million, get a green card' program? Under the new policy, or should I say the 'REFORM' the Obama appointees have already put into effect, immigration will rubber stamp the applications where someone 'Invests' in a business and there is some appearance that there couild be 10 jobs created. This is the REAL economic stimulus that Obama has in mind.

Less than a week since they went to work, and already Venezuelan businessmen who've been hampered by, shall we say, pesky bureaucrats trying to fight corruption, are now ponying up and getting ready to stick their fingers into the American pie with a free hand. This can be expected to become a boon to politicians and create many jobs for oil lobbyists, what with all the campaign contributions they'll be ready to make.

How is this legal? Afterall, the Constition says 'Congress shall pass no law. . . ." But that's the beauty of it, Congress doesn't have to, and would take months to anyway. We also have what is called 'Agency Law.' Basically the Government office sets a policy that has the power of law. Like when the IRS sets a policy where you individually pay double tax for the year. LIterally, I've been through it, theymake no bones because it's their policy and a law would have to be passed AGAINST it to stop them. Before you say the courts can stop them, they have a policy keeping it out of court, infringing your rights.

The point being, this new INS policy is nothing compared to what they're already doing. But it's far more dangerous. Even bigger than Venezuela's efforts is that of Russian organized crime, thrilled at the chance both to be pointed at American business they can muscle in in AND the opportunity to put much needed boots on the ground. Until now, the INS has taken a dim view of letting more thugs in. But now, they're talking well into 9 figures of mob money.

Just remember, this isn't like the Italian mob. There's no invitation to the lovely mob controlled restaurant, no nice dinner with the exotic wine, and no discussion of the things you can do RIGHT to remain their friend. The Russians show up and start hitting you, THEN they tell you what you have to give them to stay alive. And for just $1 billion, we'll get to have one thaouand of them here looking for things you might have that they want. This should create many jobs both in the medical field and in personal security.

And if you DO turn out to have something that they want, once they have it you might find yourself looking up from the gutter, and seeing an old campaign flyer on the wall, with a certain someone looking not at you or at anyone, but looking away, at where HE wold like to go. Of corse, there will also be the word "Hope."

But echoing in the back of your head will be my words, that for God's sake I wish you'd listened to sooner: "Meet the new chnage, same as the old change."