Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama, Clinton and US Foreign Policy

A Hillary Clinton campaign spot said Barack Obama would not be ready for that 3 AM phone call. If she's confirmed as his Secretary of State, they'll both have to be on the line.

Tuesday, on the To The Point radio program, are they in lockstep on foreign policy? How important are Bill Clinton's international financial entanglements?

To The Point, hosted by journalist veteran Warren Olney, can be heard daily in many cities across America on your favorite Public Radio station. Or listen and participate live by linking to www.kcrw.com at 12 Noon PST/3:00 EST. You can also link live to the show as well as Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing today through Bosco Radio: News and Information. The link is in our sidebar.

This show is now archived and can be accessed at www.kcrw.com


Onanite said...

It sure is an exciting time. All new admin and congress. I cannot wait for the inauguration, and the eight years of tyranny.


Doug Vehle said...

Meet the new change, same as the old change.

Or as my Sister keeps saying, 'The tax man cometh. . . .'