Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get Off The Teleprompter Already

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

I don't know about you but I'm getting a little tired of the overuse of the teleprompter during the Democratic and Republican national conventions. Or for any public speaking engagement for that matter.

As somebody who has done a little bit of public speaking over the course of my life I feel it is a little like cheating when you have the words rolling right in front of you. It's almost as bad as when somebody writes your speech for you....or you do somebody elses speech....Like a speech from an English Parliament guy or something.

And have you ever noticed how everybody sounds like they're from the Stepford Wives when they read off the teleprompter? It's like some Alien life form has invaded their bodies or something.

I want to see the banning of the teleprompter. Oh, we can ween the speakers off at first. We can take a paragraph out here and there and before you know it they will be speaking on their own...Kind of like a person learning to ride a bike with training wheels. This could also make for good television ratings too. You talk about reality TV. This would be great drama. Just give them one 3x5, slap them on the butt and get them on the podium.

I have a question? Do we really want our leaders of the free world to not be able to speak from their hearts instead of relying on some prewritten (usually something they didn't write themselves)speech?

The Republican National Convention concludes tonight with John McCain accepting his partie's nomination. Live coverage from St. Paul begins at 4 PM PST and can be linked via Bosco Radio: News and Information powered by C-span

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