Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rachel Sierra Debut An Instant Classic

Music: LA-Based Rachel Sierra delivers a wonderful first album blending great song-writing, beautiful vocals, and musical craftsmanship

Rachel Sierra Project
Held Under the Knife
Anthropoda Records

When I review an album or single, the first thing I listen for is the instant likeability factor. If I like an album from the first listen, then usually that recording is going to get a great review.

This was the case with Rachel Sierra's debut album Held Under the Knife. You need to get a copy of this's an instant classic.

Everything from the great songwriting, the musical craftmanship, the beautiful vocals...there is so much to like about this album.

Rachel Sierra is a Los Angeles-based singer songwriter via the Bay Area of California. She was schooled in the classical music arts so her background as a vocalist and musician is solid.

The best way I can describe her, even though she has her own distinct style, is a cross between Tori Amos mixed in with the sophistication and jivey quality of a Ricki Lee Jones as a songwriter/singer and a dash of musical sensibility of Swing Out Sister for good measure. Especially on the jumpy One Last Hit where she arranged the horn section.

She surrounds herself with some great musicians on this album too. Especially noteworthy is bassist Chris Freeman and guitarist Tiffin Roley. The horn section of Early McCalister, Mike Daigeau and Elliot Deutsch is a threesome you are going to enjoy.

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Reviewed by: Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco
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Rachel rocks!

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