Saturday, May 3, 2008

Madonna Gets Sweet And Brings Sexy Back

Hard Candy
Warner Brothers Music
4 scoops of Bosco

By Allen Bacon

I need to tell you up front that musically speaking, I am not a big fan of Madonna. But whenever she puts out a movie or a book or an album, as she did this past week, it gives me a chance to comment on how much of a genius I think she is.

I put the Material Girl in the same category as radio personalities Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, and Rush Limbaugh. Not big fans of any of these people's work but they are all geniuses because they know how to create a buzz for who they are and what they do.

If you wanted to have a class called Pop Star Promotion 101, Madonna would be your professor. A professor in black leather, a bustierre, and a whip, mind you.... but she would be a good teacher because she has always known how to keep her name in the public eye.

Her latest album is Hard Candy and it is not really breaking any new ground here...She comes out all dolled up and ready for sex, she has eleven tracks that get you singing and dancing from the first listen, and she surrounds herself with some of the most popular talent today in Justin Timberlake and Timbaland as well as Kanye West. It's a great formula for success and there is really no reason to change.

The thing that I find interesting is how she continues to push the envelope on what it is to be sexy. Her photo shoot on the album is racy and provacative but as she approaches 50 you wonder how much longer she can keep it up and use the sex card. But one thing I did find interesting is the photo on the back of the album. The front of the album she is at her sexiest but the back cover still decked in the same leather she is slumped over a chair as if she is tired of all this.

And this also gives me the opportunity to tell you about my brush with Madonna greatness. In the 90's I worked for a printing company that catered to the fashion and entertainment business. We did work for Madonna's company Maverick and it always tickled me when we would do her business cards. While everybody else at Maverick had titles on their card...Bob Jones, Chief Executive Officer...Del Stewart, Vice President of Operations...etc. Madonna's card just had title. The lady needs no title or introduction.

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