Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movie Review: Romance and Cigarettes: Please Leave Being Coen Brothers to the Coen Brothers

Romance & Cigarettes
Directed by John Turturro
Produced by The Coen Brothers and John Turturro
Actors: James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken, Elaine Stritch, Eddie Izzard, Aida Turtorro, Amy Sedaris
Rated R for sexual content, strong language and dialogue
3 teaspoons of Bosco (Out of 5)

By Allen Bacon
Bosco: The Blog

Note to: John Turturro. Just because the Coen Brothers put up most of the money as executive producers for your latest film project Romance & Cigarettes doesn't mean you have to copy their style line for line. In fact I went in to the movie not even realizing John Turturro was involved. I really thought it was a Coen Brother Film. Turns out Turturro was the writer, producer, and director. This is his third turn as a director and even though he's had the experience, he still has a little ways to go.

This is an insane, crass, and mean-spirited musical. It's quirky and fun at first but it just becomes more annoying as the movie progresses. And note to James Gandolfini. If you want to shake your Tony Soprano image, this character you are playing is a guy not too far from the region of the fictitious mobster. This vehicle does nothing to stretch Gandolfini's image.

The guy I did laugh at was, as usual, Christopher Walken, who plays the Elvis-impersonating brother to the Susan Sarandon character. Kate Winslet is totally forgettable in her role as the love interest. She sleep walks or I should say sleep dances through her performance.

In other words, wait for the DVD in early 2008. Don't waste your hard earned money at the theater on this.

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