Thursday, December 20, 2007

Letters: Nordstrom Letter Writing Campaign Seems To Be Working

Hi all!
I first want to thank each one of you who took the time out of your busy schedules to call or write to Nordstrom about their piano policy. Here's the latest seems the Orange County region will keep their pianists for the time being! Wow! This couldn't have happened without all your support! Local stores have apparently been bombarded with protest calls and letters. We pianists owe all of you a major THANK YOU!

Of course, who knows what will happen a few months from now...but for now, it seems the Orange County stores are choosing to keep live piano music in their stores, unlike most all other Nordstrom stores nationwide.

We'd like to keep the pressure on, however. So please continue to leave comments with individual store managers about the importance of having live piano music at Nordstrom. There are so few victories for live music these days...but it seems you all have helped to make that a reality thus far in Orange County.

Many blessings to each one of you, and have a safe and wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Ron Kobayashi

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