Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brandy Clark Is Your Parent's Country Music

Reviewed by Allen Bacon,  The Daily Bosco

Sometimes you just need some good ol' fun, uncomplicated country music to take you away from the complexities of life.

Brandy Clark's debut album 12 Stories fits that bill just perfectly and a reason why this album has been one of the most heavily anticipated country albums of 2013.

Clark doesn't break any new ground with 12 Stories (Due out Tuesday 10.22.2013) but that's ok.  The album is a reminder of why many of us enjoy country music and a throwback to traditional country music.

This is your Daddy's Country Music.

The first part of that formula is a good story and Brandy Clark can definitely write good stories.

Clark, now 35, has been a hit-making country songwriter for a while now.  You've heard her work in singles from Keith Urban, Sheryl Crowe, Kacey Musgraves (Follow Your Arrow), The Band Perry (Better Dig Two) and Miranda Lambert (Mama's Broken Heart), to name a few.

She specializes in wonderful observations of everyday life which is a trademark of good country music. You know these people.  You may be one of these people.

But she is also not afraid to be daring either.  She tackles the subjects of drugs, sex, and even murder on this album with songs like "Get High", "Take A Little Pill",  and "Stripes".

This may be due to the fact that she has aligned herself with Producer Dave Brainard who has worked with other daring artists like Hunter Hayes or Jerrod Nieman.

The fun songs like "Pray To Jesus" and "Crazy Women" are balanced with real tear jerkers like "Just Like Him" or "Hold My Hand".

Clark can sing well too and her tight backing band sounds great.  Her voice and stylings are reminiscent of  classic Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn and her band is small, efficient and intimate as if you are hearing them on a small honky-tonk stage.

12 Stories is definitely worth a listen and should garner a lot of air time on Country Radio and at Awards time.

Brandy Clark
12 Stories
Slate Creek Records
Produced by Dave Brainard
Five Scoops of Bosco

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