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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
With Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Letterman, Sarah Silverman
Chris Rock, Alec Baldwin, Don Rickles, Larry David
The Crackle Network
Available Anytime
Five Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

I am going to take exception to only one thing that Larry David said in the first season on Jerry Seinfeld's Web Series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee when he proclaimed "You finally really did a show about nothing".

That's because this gem of a television talk show is a perfect combination of several things I like: Comedians and their Comedy, Coffee, Food, Cool Cars, and good conversation in a relaxed setting.  That is hardly "nothing".

Why it is only an internet show at this point is beyond me because it seems this would be a hit on regular conventional television.

For the uninitiated Comedians In Cars... is a show hosted and produced by Jerry Seinfeld.  With it's second season completed, Seinfeld has now done a total of eighteen 15 minute episodes which can be seen for free anytime through the Sony-owned network via youtube and other formats.  It was nominated for an Emmy for the second season.

The premise and format of the show is simple and with very little exception doesn't vary from show to show.

Seinfeld drives a different vintage or interesting car in each episode, picks up a comedian like Don Rickles, Sarah Silverman, David Letterman or Michael Richards and goes out for coffee or a meal at a different restaurant and has casual conversation.

The show appeals on several different levels.

If you are a car enthusiast, you will enjoy seeing the vehicles that Seinfeld drives.   In the Larry David interview he drives a 1954 Volkswagen Beetle.  For David Letterman, he drives a souped up and chopped 1995 Volvo Station Wagon which was built as a joke by Paul Newman.  For Don Rickles he drives a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado because he wanted "to see how it felt to be driving around in a car that Rickles had when he was starting out with the Rat Pack in 50's Vegas".

See if you recognize some of the places and streets they drive around as they travel and talk, usually in New York or Los Angeles.  Although for the Letterman interview he went up to Letterman's place in Connecticut.

If you are a foodie, you will be interested in some of the locations that Seinfeld and his guests get coffee and food.

For Don Rickles they went to Factor's Famous Deli in LA.  For Sarah Silverman, they go to a Millies in Silverlake.  For Chris Rock its a trip to Allendale Eats! in New Jersey.

But to me the real treat is when these legends of comedy talk about their craft or how they first got started.   I find it even more insightful than David Steinberg's fine show on comedy on Showtime.  As they talk casually over coffee or food you can actually see how their minds work, developing comedy on the fly.  A lot of funny stuff is said on this show and it's hard to not at least get a good chuckle.

Hopefully, this show will get enough interest to get promoted to regular television much like the critically acclaimed Daryl's House, the music show from Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates which when you think about it loosely uses the same format as Comedians In Cars

In the mean time, you have eighteen episodes to get caught up on.

I dare you not to get addicted.

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