Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tragedies Amplified by the Media

Op-Ed By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

Even though it has been over two years since the shooting tragedy in Tucson, Arizona and the unnecessary loss of human life, I can not stop thinking about the media's role in this and other similar tragedies since.

I want to see an end to the spotlight we put on these cold blooded killers. We don't need to know these murderers names and we don't need to know their political leanings and everything about the killer.  All in the pursuit of better ratings.

Didn't we learn anything from other similar tragedies?

Again, at the beginning of this week, another tragic death spree took place close to my home in Southern California that took the life of an innocent young person, Monica Quan, and others.  And again the national media was there ready to give us the killer's reasons, his background, his name and why he committed these heinous murders.

We cannot legitimize what these people do by having their names all over the news.

They should not get their five minutes of fame. They should not get to have their views posted all over the place and recognized after they murder innocent people. And they should not get to encourage other deranged and mentally unstable people to do the same. I am sickened what these people do to innocent people.

But I am also sickened by the irresponsible nature of our media.

The following is a response by Daily Bosco Writer Rick Miranda

I used to watch a series on ethics that was aired a few years ago. They presented scenarios that were about ethical issues to a panel of individuals that were or previously had been in very influential positions. Among the panelists were ...Supreme court justices, surgeons general, lawyers and senators and predominant members of the news media including a number of prime time anchors.

They spoke of very high minded ethics and their responsibilities as journalists to get the news out in a fair and unbiased manner. I think that once they get put under the pressure of the 24 hour cycle of constant news and competition from the other networks it gets compromised and they go the ratings instead of what people should hear.

This guy was disturbed.  He shot a bunch of innocent people. Beyond that they were dealing with conjecture. I understand and support our need for journalism to have a free hand in this society. I just wish they wouldn't abuse their freedoms for the sake of profit and ratings.

The following is a comment from reader Elaine Miller

I absolutely agree. I am also sick to death of hearing all about the perpetrator's sad, sad childhood. Many people have terrible childhoods and don't behave insanely because of it. I have three words for people, and I used these three words many times when my children suffered some setback or were treated badly: Get Over It!

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