Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time To Play B Sides

By Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

A radio station in the area I live has a novel idea. From time to time, they will play entire sides of old vinyl albums...the original vinyl on the air...all day. It's a pretty popular thing.

They are all proud because in the promos they say you can hear every pop and crack. And every pop and crack you did (when they did this before)...and scratches too. The Elton John Madman Across The Water Side 1 was particularly scratchy. One of the songs on a Don Henley album skipped.

I always thought that the idea was NOT to hear the pops and scratches and NOT to skip. But what do I know?

This of course took me back to my first turntable I bought as a teenager. I was really proud of it. I took all my hard earned money and bought this cheap Soundesign turntable. It was ok, as long as you didn't want to hear the first two songs on a side of a LP.

Which was real cool because when they released the CD version of Neil Young's Harvest and Fleetwood Mac's self titled album it was like getting bonus tracks. I had never heard Young's Living For The Country until the 80's because it was the first song on the LP and my turntable couldn't play it. Pretty good song it turns out.

This tradition of having bad audio equipment has followed me around most of my life. One time my Sam and Dave cassette got stuck in my 65 Mustang's tape deck. When I sold the car the want ad read...Car in good condition...must love Sam and Dave..

Well, that's all for today. Gotta go now and figure out why my I-Pod isn't working.

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