Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Showtime For Jim Rome

Jim Rome On Showtime
Showtime Network
Wednesday Nights
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Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

As a longtime fan of Jim Rome's sports radio program, I was interested to see how his latest venture into television, Jim Rome on Showtime was going to fare.

In the words of Rome, which I and the Clones (his affectionate term for his fans) try to adhere: "Swing into the Jungle, Have a Take, But Do Not Suck".

Thank goodness he follows his own advise on this new show. (seen on Wednesday nights on Showtime)

This show, as his radio program, moves along in rapid order like a boxer jabbing and moving.  Rome moves from his Quick Takes, to his interview of Sports figures, Ten Questions, back to another interview, A forum with three sports figures and Rome (which is similar to Bill Maher's show on HBO), another interview, and then back to the forum with speed, grace, agility, and power.

There is no time to get bored here and the hour goes quickly.

The Ten Question segment displays Rome's humor.  This is where he asks a sports person (the last one was Minnesota Viking's Jared Allen) such essential questions as "If you had a Doomsday Bunker, what would you stock it with?" or "What Would We be surprised to find on your I-Pod?" The responses are pretty funny.

The normal interviews are good and insightful and he gets A-lists guests.  On the last show he had Fighter Bernard Hopkins and NBA star Kevin Durant and Rome does not back down from the tough questions.

The Panel segment is also filled with A-listers like former NFL coach Bill Cowherd,  Author Ron Sheldon and others and they tackle the tough sports questions of the week.

The one thing that may surprise you, with the freedom to use swear words on Showtime...the show rarely does.  On the last show the only f-bomb used was from a clip from Paul Pierrce, not surprisingly, because Pierce is the master of the f-bomb.

My only criticism and it's really not that this would make a great radio program too.  It plays well without the pictures.  It doesn't need the video.

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