Monday, November 5, 2012

The Return of Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam Live
Morning Becomes Eclectic Radio Program
Hosted by Jason Bentley; Now Archived

Hot on the trail of his first album release in over five years, "Bakersfield-Sound" Country Singer Dwight Yoakam will perform live on the Morning Becomes Eclectic Radio Program on Monday (11.5.12)

The show can be heard on beginning at 9 AM PT or in the Los Angeles Area on KCRW 89.9 FM.

Yoakam is scheduled to play his set which will include music off his latest, 3 Pears, and some of his classic songs around 11:15 AM PT

You can also link and listen to the show via the Bosco Radio Music Channel in our sidebar.

Produced by Yoakam, 3 Pears coalesces around buzzing guitars and vulnerable ballads as he explores the emotional extremes of his musical persona, all delivered with a revealing honesty.

“Heart Like Mine“ puts a country garage-band spin on a classic pop/rock melody, while “Dim Lights“, “Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)“ – written by Joe and Rose Lee Maphis and closely associated with the Flying Burrito Brothers – is thrashing, 21st-century cowpunk.

“Waterfall“ takes an unusual, dreamy stab at embracing intimacy, and “Long Way To Go“ – presented first as a gently chugging lope and later reprised as a stark piano/vocal performance – elegantly refines the concept of personal commitment.

“Trying“ surrounds an ultra-sensitive vocal performance with a ragged, soulful production. The witty title track, which opened the flood gates to Yoakam’s creativity, was inspired by George Harrison: Living in the Material World, the Martin Scorsese-directed film bio.

One scene found John Lennon horsing around in three pairs of glasses, and Yoakam was immediately struck by the late Beatle’s mix of zaniness and serious intent.

“I got to thinking about innocence and happiness,“ Yoakam says. “There’s a certain nonsensical element to the song, but it was through that that I turned a corner. It allowed me to express some true, deeper feeling.“ Yoakam’s relentless search for truth has firmly connected him with a large, loyal following.

A long-time Los Angeleno, Yoakam has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, placing him in an elite cadre of global superstars. Yet the sales have never come at the expense of his musical integrity. Whether singing about the twisted wreckage of romance, the broken dreams of this hard life, or the burgeoning optimism that marks 3 Pears, Yoakam brings a knowing, glorious edge to his delivery and stands, in a world of artifice and flash, as a beacon of authenticity.

The Morning Becomes Eclectic Radio Program is committed to a music experience that celebrates innovation, creativity and diversity by combining progressive pop, world beat, jazz, African, reggae, classical and new music.

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