Saturday, November 3, 2012

Honkeytonkin' With Ry Bradley

Ry Bradley Live
Fullerton, CA
Saturday 11.3.12; 2 PM PT
Five Scoops of Bosco

Ry Bradley’s singing and performing ability has endeared him to a lot of fans but his guitar playing has led him around the world…from Hawaiian honkytonks, rowdy military clubs, California fairs and festivals, Texas dance halls, to Music City “guitar pulls” and showcases.

Bradley, who plays a small show at Fullerton, CA's Slidebar on Saturday (11.3.12; 2 PM)  underplays that he “barely made it out alive from some of those gigs”.

Ry Bradley grew up in Hawaii but while studying guitar at the University of California he realized that he had been very blessed: he had been introduced to so many musical cultures, they each helped him to develop his unique style.

Bradley’s interest in music has taken him from studying flamenco guitar in Spain, playing blues in Argentina, to learning folk songs from native fishermen in Cuba.

“I’m a huge Vince Gill, Carl Perkins, and Brad Paisley fan, but I also love B. B. King, Keb Mo’, and the Rolling Stones.”

Even though he was the lead guitarist for touring bands, Ry now fronts his own very popular group based out of Southern California.

Life on the road with a band in a van is tough. “We slept on the floor on an Indian reservation once, and were told stories of skin walkers and spirits that can help you or hurt you”. Those spirits later came to his aid when he and his band almost died on an icy Colorado highway.

Although times have been hard and sometimes dangerous, nothing has shaken him away from his love of writing, singing, playing and entertaining on stage.

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