Sunday, September 2, 2012

It Must Be Fall. Just Got A Political Hit Piece

Op-Ed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

In my hometown of Fullerton the tell tale signs that Fall is just around the corner are here.

I know fall is on the way because:

I can hear the sound of the El Dorado High School Marching Band practicing in the morning in the distance from my East Fullerton Home.

The stores are starting to stock pumpkin creamer in the dairy aisles.

My High School and Junior College Alma Maters Fullerton High and Fullerton College are playing football and soundly beating our historical arch-rivals Anaheim High and Long Beach City College respectively.

I am running into the new Freshmen from Cal State Fullerton at the Albertsons on Placentia Avenue as they are away from home for the first time and have to do their shopping on their own.  It's a mix of excitement mixed with a pinch of being responsible.

And to top it off, you know it's Fall when you receive your first City Council political hit piece in the mail.

This one was interesting.  It came on the front page of the weekly Pennysaver magazine.  You know that long time weekly periodical on thin newsprint hawking goods, services, and garage sales.

The chatter on social media about this particular ad has been interesting.  A lot of Fullerton citizens do not like the tone of the ad or agree with the nature of the ad calling it cheap and tasteless.

One thing I must say, whether you agree with the Politics of the ad or not, it was a stroke of genius.  It's guerrilla advertising at it's best.  The Pennysaver goes to every home in Fullerton and to place an ad is relatively cheap.  And guess what, a lot of us are talking about it and looking at that ad.

This was in contrast to the piece I received the next day from Assemblyman and former Fullerton Mayor Chris Norby.  That was the most beautiful political piece I have ever seen.   Beautiful images of forests on a dull cover stock with matte Aqueous coating.  I would give it my five scoops of Bosco (highest rating) for printing excellence.

Only one problem...I Didn't read it.  I have no idea what it says.

I and my fellow citizens of my hometown are going to get a lot of these over the next few weeks leading to the election, I'm pretty sure.  And I'm pretty sure it's going to get ugly.

This is the way it is, like it or not.  This is how the game is set up and played right now.

If I had my way, I would like to see an end to all political advertising and I would like to see contributions for City Council candidates ceased.

By the way, what would City Council candidates need money for anyway if there was no advertising?  If that was taken away maybe we would stop the stupid exchanges we had at the last Fullerton City Council Meeting when trying to determine who should sit on the MWD Board with the accusations of cronyism and pay back for campaign money given.

Because even if the Council Member took one dollar from a supporter, they will always be suspect when it comes to decisions that directly benefit those supporters.

At the very least, the Council Members need to recuse themselves from that vote.  That's the ethical thing to do.

I would give each candidate one minute of air time on the local cable providers and the city government website to state their platform and each candidate is invited to a series of debates.  That's it.

But I am told that this would never work.

The point is, I implore my fellow Fullerton residents, to please do your research on all the candidates.  This is the most important election in the history of the City.  So many important decisions are going to be in play.

Read all you can from both sides. Do your research. Educate yourself and get to as many debates as you can and bring the tough questions.

And after you do sure to vote.   We are going to need more than the 33% voter turnout we had at the last election.  That was pathetic and can't happen again.

The future and success of this fine city depends on it.

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