Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Science of Pizza Building

Fullerton, California
Four Scoops of Bosco

Reviewed by Allen Bacon, The Daily Bosco

If there are two things for me when it comes to food and restaurants it's these simple facts.

I like the type of Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen and I like the speed and the way that you can pick, choose, and build your own meal on the spot from a variety of quality ingredients at Chipotle Grill.

What if you could do the Reece's Peanut Butter Cup thing and blend the two together to come up with a Pizza like CPK and were able to build that pizza yourself and have it in less then ten minutes?  Impossible you say?

I found that place at Pieology in Fullerton, CA

The owners and founders of Pieology, made no excuses for taking the Chipotle Grill approach to pizza building.  They say since it works for Chipotle, it would be neat to apply the model to Pizza.

The only way this could happen is by developing a technology that allows to cook a pizza in less than ten minutes.  The other is the fact that the crust is thin and can be cooked rapidly without sacrificing for taste.

On the night I was there, I picked my ingredients and built my pizza with the help of a friendly staff and it was practically hot out of the oven and ready to eat before I had paid, got my drink and sat down.

And it was delicious.

Pieology has some suggested pizza ideas that are made right there fresh in front of your eyes.  But I went with Chicken, sausage, Mozzerella, olives, tomatoes and some barbecue sauce on my trip there.

Pick and choose from over fifteen toppings and meats and four types of cheese as well as two sauces.

Add a great handpicked music soundtrack and a relaxing decor and environment and you have a real winner.

Fullerton has some great and established Pizza places like Angelos and Vinci's, Michaelangelos, and for pure nostalgia, I have to add Giovanni's in the mix too.  Those are great traditional pizza places.

But this concept of building your own pizza and having it quickly is a great idea and one that I hope catches on.

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