Saturday, May 12, 2012

Of Proms, Hopes, Dreams and Tony Bowls

It's definitely not yours or your mom and dad's prom anymore.  Remembering Proms Past

By Allen Bacon, Daily Bosco

I must admit I am not much of an expert when it comes to high school proms. This is because I've only been to one my entire life. But still I have many wonderful memories of the ones I have been associated with.

What triggers this thought process is the fact that one of my good friends was busy helping their daughter get ready to go to prom recently. I had also read an article the other day on how the fashions for the prom have changed over the years and now it's like going to an awards show with big name designers getting involved and runway shows...which is all very cool. It's what makes life fun. My daughter had designer dresses for her proms and my son's dates for his proms looked great in their beautiful designer dresses. And they would go in large groups in large wonderful limousines to exotic locations for their proms.

My prom date in 1979...the most beautiful girl at the prom...was Tina Marie Tucker. I believe she wore something from the Martha Tucker (her mother) collection....a wonderful pink dress. And that's how it used to be done usually.

I saw the photos of my mom and dad's prom and mom was also wearing a beautiful vintage dress which was handmade by Grandma Liesch. I know my other grandma, Grandma Florrie, was a wonderful seamstress and made the most lovely of all wedding dresses for mom...and maybe she was involved in the beautiful prom dress too...I'll have to ask mom. The common thread between proms of yesteryear and today are that it is a wonderful time usually when a mother and a daughter can work on something together, spend time together, and strenghten their bond. It's really about family and friends and romance and not as much about the clothes.

Tina and I had a wonderful time that spring evening in 1979. I was a nervous wreck. This was my first big date and I wanted it to go perfect. And the fact that Tina was the most beautiful young lady at the prom didn't make me any less nervous.

For me, it was the little things that evening that I remember the most. The time honored tradition of placing our corsages on each other for one. And some of it was silly. Like when Tina dropped a miniature cherry tomato from her salad at the fanciest restaurant in town and it rolled around the floor for a while and she tried to pick it up without being conspicuous or breaking her conversation with me.

The band was horrible...that much I remember... but we were too busy dancing and having fun to care. But the thing I remember most was this sense of joy when I would escort her or when we would hold hands...It was a beautiful innocent a Fairy Tale.

I hope if you are going to a prom this year...or are involved in getting somebody ready for a prom, that you savor each moment and enjoy the time spent...these are the moments you will always remember.

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