Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Not That Finger Lickin' Good

By Allen Bacon
The Daily Bosco

A while back I heard from very reliable sources that they are transporting the "secret recipe" for Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken to an undisclosed location...under lock and a suitcase handcuffed to a guy.

First of all this has Guerilla Advertising written all over it. And I have to say it's brilliant. But really, when you think about it, if you were actually trying to transport the "eleven herbs and spices" safely without it being lifted wouldn't you want to keep that fact a secret?

Also, don't you think in this day of advanced forensic science that if you really wanted to find out the secret recipe and molecular construction of KFC that you could figure this out. The answer is yes, by the way. But nobody really cares anymore.

Because there is better tasting chicken out there. Now, if they were transporting the secret recipe for Pollo I would be really concerned. But, heck, I threw some Lawrey's Seasoning Salt on some chicken I was barbequing the other day and it tasted absolutely delicious...better than KFC and almost better than Pollo Fino.

This secret receipe transportation is just another brilliant marketing scheme. This ranks right up there when Rolling Rock Beer's marketing department went around claiming they could project the Rolling Rock Logo on the moon so everybody could see it at night. Couldn't verify if they actually we're trying to do this...but a lot of people were thinking about Rolling Rock Beer. And this type of advertising is relatively cheap. You go on some talk shows or leak to the press....and the press just eats it up.

Do you know what I miss? Chicken Delight. Back in the 60's my dad had to take care of my brother and I when mom was working as a waitress at another great place for Chicken, the Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Dining Room...which by the way I think they used to let their chickens roam the parking talk about free range chickens...but I digress. Anyway, dad would call this place called Chicken Delight. About 30 minutes later this volkswagen beetle with a big chicken on top would pull up.

The chicken wasn't that great...didn't have the Colonel's secret recipe...but the car was cool.

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