Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beechwood Teacher Should Be Fired

Op-Ed by
Allen Bacon
Daily Bosco

A teacher at Beechwood Elementary School in my hometown of Fullerton, CA who had inappropriate photos and videos on their work computer will not face criminal charges, acting FPD Police Chief Dan Hughes said Friday as reported by The Orange County Register

But the teacher, who still has not been identified, remains on administrative leave while the Fullerton School District conducts its own investigation, school officials said.

The investigation discovered inappropriate photographs and videos on a school computer assigned to the teacher. There was no evidence to suggest any Beechwood students were victims of a crime.

Police spokesman Tim Kandler said the photos and videos found on the teacher's computer did not involve children. But he would not comment on other specific details of the photos and videos.

The teacher had been under investigation and placed on leave since Feb. 27.

Fullerton School District officials said Friday they don't have a timetable for the conclusion of their investigation, and would not comment on whether the teacher would be fired or if he faced other disciplinary action.

In my opinion this matter should not even be taking this long to investigate and come to a decision. The matter is really clear.

This teacher should be fired.

This teacher had materials not related to work on a computer that, we the taxpayers, paid for.

In the private sector there are usually tough rules on this in most companies...but as taxpayers and especially when it comes to the teachers of our children we demand a much higher standard.

That computer is to be used for work related activities only. We own that computer and we get to tell the Fullerton School District how we want it to be used. And I'm pretty sure on our checklist is not to have porn on a teacher's computer.

If this person wants to buy their own computer with their own money and download and view inappropriate materials in the privacy of their own home...go for it.

But don't waste our time and money with this and for crying out loud don't bring inappropriate materials to School where our children can potentially see this. That's a fire-able offense by itself. So what if the materials did not involve children.

What's going on here?...Did the recent LAUSD scandals actually lower the bar? Are we now going to say, "But it didn't involve children or children were not actually in the inappropriate that's ok because they just brought it in on a taxpayer owned computer so all our kids could see it."

Besides that, us taxpayers in Fullerton need to spend our hard earned money on other things. Like illegal water taxes.

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