Monday, February 6, 2012

The Joys of Washing Your Own Car

By Jim Helm, The Daily Bosco

Like most people, nothing frustrates me more than having to pay ridiculous prices for parking at a favorite concert, sporting event or whatever else we enjoy on the weekends.

I sort have stumbled into this cool routine I have made over the past few years. It first started by just tossing the parking receipt on the dash after handing the parking attendant my hard earned $25. Then due to just being busy or lazy or whatever, I noticed the receipts starting to pile up on the drivers side dash.

"I have to remember to throw those out", I would keep telling myself.

More time had passed and my wife Shellyanne and I had been particularly busy that summer. So one day I went to wash the car. "At last I can get rid of those receipts piling up", I thought. I gathered the receipts together and was just about to throw them away when I looked at the one on top and it reminded me of a great Angels game Shellyanne and I went to. And the Orange County Fair was a blast this year with our friends. There was the time at USC when I got to see Pete Carroll and Will Farrell race in the pool. There was The Three Dog Night concert when Shellyanne went crazy when they started the intro to "Shambala". Then there was the day we went golfing at an exotic resort and so on.

Now I kind of look forward to getting those receipts. Every once in while when I am sitting at a seemingly endless red light, I'll thumb through my parking slips and am reminded of the fun I had with my family that day, the wonderful friends we have been blessed with, and all of the fun we have had over the years.

Now I need to go and finish washing the car.

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