Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tom Leykis Has One More For The Road

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

In what had to be the most inexplicable move in radio history, the immensely popular KLSX 97.1, a radio station specializing in raunchy, explicit and crass talk went off the air in Los Angeles last Friday.

The station was replaced at 5:00 PM with the techno-dance beats of the new Amp 97.1, which sounded a lot like Top 40 KIIS FM in the Southern California market.

Let me state that the old KLSX talk radio was at the same time very simple but pure genius....There's apparently a huge market for talking about sex, women with big breasts, bathroom habits, belching and passing gas on air, etc. It just gave people what they wanted. Then when you have that established you can go out and get advertising from highly lucrative places like Strip Clubs, Casinos, Penis Enlargement, Breast Augmentation and the like. It had to be a cash cow.

Which is why it is so puzzling that this station was taken off the air for another Top 40 radio station. Did the owners of the station all of a sudden find their conscience?

One reason could be the Economy. Talent like Tom Leykis and Adam Carolla are not cheap. Young unestablished DJ's playing hit records are a lot cheaper.

I'm not worried about Leykis and Carolla and company. They are all big enough to get offers in multiple medias. And believe it or not, Leykis can play it straight if he wants to. Before he had his sophomoric talk show on KLSX he had a very intelligent issues show on KFI Radio here in LA...but apparently there's not much of a market for that anymore.

If you're looking for a radio station aren't going to get it here. I might be in the minority but with the demise of's a very happy day here in the Southland.

Good riddance.

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