Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Revenge...30 Years In the Making

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

It took nearly 30 years but I believe revenge will be mine when the Arizona Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Big Game today.

There is unfinished business with the 1980 Super Bowl if you are a Los Angeles Ram fan. This is of course when my Los Angeles Rams in their only Super Bowl appearance missed the opportunity to win against Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann and Mean Joe Greene and the rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers. We were actually leading in the third quarter of the game. Did I mention I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers?

There should be a moratorium on Super Bowl wins. If you win should just be able to hang it more for you. My poor Los Angeles Rams never won any Super Bowls...until they got to St. Louis (and I still refuse to recognize that team anymore...they ceased to exist after Georgia Frontierre moved the team). Pittsburgh's already won five...they don't need anymore.

Why will it be revenge when the Cardinals beat the Steelers today?

Follow my fuzzy logic here. (The similarities are uncanny)

The 1979 Rams were the worst team to make it to the Super Bowl. At 9-7 there is only one team that is as bad, record wise....The 2008 Arizona Cardinals at a record of 9-7. Both teams capitilized on poor teams in the NFC West to make it to the playoffs.

The 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers were 12-4...The 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers are 12-4.

The 1979 Rams were and 2008 Arizona Cardinals are heavy underdogs to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Los Angeles Rams were a transplanted team that came from Cleveland and then moved on to St. Louis...The Arizona Cardinals are a transplanted team that started in Chicago's Comisky Park moved to St. Louis before settling in the valley of the sun. Both franchises have been in three cities in their lifespan.

The Los Angeles Rams to that point had never been to or won a Super Bowl. The Cardinals have never been or won a Super Bowl for whatever city they were in.

When the 1979 Rams went to the Super Bowl a former USC quarterback was on the sidelines that day...the injured Pat Haden. When the 2008 Cardinals take the field today they will also have a former USC quarterback on the field in a backup roll...Matt Leinert.

In 1979 A Coke commercial featured a Pittsburgh 2009 a Coke commercial will feature a Pittsburgh linebacker.

The 1979 Los Angeles Rams beat the Tampa Bay Bucanneers in the most unlikely of all NFC championship games to earn a trip to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is being played in Tampa Bay today.

And now for the coup de gras...the Los Angeles Rams moved to St. Louis in the 90's. Keep in mind they had never a Super Bowl. And almost immediately after the move...the team wins the Super Bowl with current Arizona quarterback Curt Warner. Warner owes us one. Once a Ram...always a Ram. The former Ram will avenge our loss.

Oh, Revenge will be sweet. I can't wait to taste it.


Doug Vehle said...

Sorry, I don't see the linkage.

The Cardinals didn't have their owner killed by the mafioso wife who was introduced to him by Meyers Lansky. The Steelers didn't have this coach build the team the way Chuck Knoll did, this is still Bill Cowher's team, Tomlinson is merely doing an okay job of sheparding someone else's flock.

So Ricky Briggs, if you remember him, is this huge Kurt Warner fan. THERE I can see the resemblance, what with Ricky being the Bart Simpson of our era at Fullerton High School, and then interrupting his career as a low wage laborer to get a masters degree.

Ricky was just downsized, but sent home with a years' severance pay. (Dang, he must have been important.) So some of the old Ricky is still there, figures it leaves him some time for motorcycles. And again, shades of the Cardinals' former bagboy noone ever expected to comeback and go to the Superbowl with either team, Ricky was talking retirement. In the case of both of them, we'll see.

I just see a lackluster matchup, which would have been more spicy with Brett Favre facing off against Warner, what with the two different stories of the two big arial circus quarterbacks of the last 15 years.

Doug Vehle said...

Okay, my favorite commercial was the Clydesdale responding to the dof fetching the stick by bringing back the tree. Apparently the consensus went with the Clydesdale eloping with the circus horse. Danged if I wasn't paying attention when the 'GoDaddy' spot aired. I TOLE YA' there'd be one.

Meanwhile the announcers didn't seem to believe that interception to end the half quite made it to the endzone. If not, the Cardinals were robbed. I'm sure you can find the replay online, if you want to look.

Hell, you can find the commercials online. (So what happened to Mark's comment on PETA?)