Monday, November 10, 2008

You Can Tell A Lot From The Obama's Dog

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

Out of everything that was said in President Elect Obama's wonderful "Yes We Can" acceptance speech the other night the thing I can not stop focusing on is the fact that he and Michelle are getting their two kids a new puppy.

This one act, I believe, will set the tone for the administration.

First of all, the fact that he actually goes through with getting a new puppy will tell us that he keeps his campaign promises.

And what kind of dog will the first family get? It has been rumored that they will get a Bichon Frise. As cute as they are...that's a high maintenance dog. The vet and grooming bills will be astronomical. Do we really want our tax dollars going toward the upkeep of the White House dog? And our President and First Lady have more important things to do than running to the vet every week. There's that whole economy thing for instance.

If I were Barack and Michelle I would get a Labrador (Preferably Yellow...they're the best...I speak from personal experience) and the dog would be a rescued animal. That's because the Labrador is a dog for every's a people dog. It'll be very nice to the kids and it'll be real friendly when Vladimir Putin comes over for a visit...just keep the lint brush handy.

Getting the dog from a rescue facility will send a message of compassion from the President and First Lady.

And many of us need to see that about now.

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Doug Vehle said...

Well, I don't know that the labrador is considered allergy free: Malia Obama is allergic, don't forget. I would think that leaves the Bichon out, too.

KNX gave the results of their poll on the air, and I don't remember what won. 2nd place as a pit bull, which I'm sure is thrilling to the Reuters reporter that got bit.

The nation of Peru has offered a Peruvian Hairless, the national dog.

Now that Obama has made it official that he was only kidding with all the 'Change' talk and the wild spending will continue, I'd like to see them get something CHEAP: Our tax dollars will be paying for this. Is the Peru dog FREE?

By the way, China says they're going to spend $580 Billion of the money they have in our bonds, so they won't be buying more, and darn if we'll be competing with them to sell more for the deficit spending. Maybe they should just find some stray on the street, even the shelter dogs might be too expensive.