Sunday, October 26, 2008

T Boone Pickens on 60 Minutes

Charlie Rose made his debut as a 60 Minutes contributor this past week with a profile of Texas oil and gas maven T. Boone Pickens. Rose's profile of Pickens was broadcast this past Sunday, Oct. 26, at 7 p.m. ET/PT. Also link to 60 Minutes via the Bosco Radio: News and Information channel in the sidebar at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET each Sunday night.

The profile of Pickens takes Rose to the billionaire's Texas ranch and to the football stadium at Oklahoma State University that Pickens built for his alma mater. Rose and Pickens also go to the Democratic Convention, where he sought support for his "Pickens' Plan" to lessen America's dependence on foreign oil.

There at the convention, 60 Minutes cameras videotaping the report capture the icy moment when Pickens - the man who financed the infamous "swift boat" ads attacking 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry - runs into Kerry to create a visibly difficult encounter for both men.

Rose later asks Pickens whether he has any reservations over the ads that were roundly criticized and partially blamed for Kerry's loss to George W. Bush. "None," responds Pickens. "You'd do it over again tomorrow?" asks Rose. "What I knew then, I know that same thing now and nothing has changed my mind about what I felt like," he tells Rose.

Rose, who has hosted and produced his own daily interview program, "Charlie Rose," on PBS since 1991, returns to CBS News in a similar role he filled on another CBS news magazine, "60 Minutes II," where he was correspondent from 1999-2005. Rose is scheduled to appear from time to time.

The award-winning journalist will continue as executive producer and executive editor of Charlie Rose, now carried by 215 PBS stations around the country.Charlie Rose can also be seen and heard every weeknight at 9:30 PM PT/12:30 AM ET on Bosco Radio News and Information channel.

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Source: CBS News


Doug Vehle said...

But don't forget, Pickens didn't know then what he knew then before he did know then what he knew then. Too bad after all this time, he still doesn't know.

See, Pickens isn't important to me. I don't think Swift Boat Captains for Lies really did much to Kerry's campaign, it was his own fumble mouth. And I don't think his current campaign will do much. Pickens is a cherrypicker, not a heavy lifter. He'll spend money, he'll act important, and just like the 2004 election, it'll be over and he'll feign importance. Dang, he might make a few bucks, but he's never consequential.

Warren Buffet, now THERE is consequential. I'd feel real good if it was a Berkshire Hathaway company dealing with alternative energy. Pickens makes rain, Buffet moves the Earth.

So check out this engine. It's from this company, developed for these aircraft.

Obama wastes his time talking about "150mpg hybrids." That's an actual quote, he was really taking heat from a crowd because he wouldn't just SAY what was in this energy plan of his, and he desperately responded "My plan includes. . . .150mpg hybrids." Didn't say where he was planning to GET such a miraculous device.

Now, this engine can produce 160hp on 30% water as its' fuel. That's right, water, not hydrogen from water. The other 70% is ethanol. Ethanol is a LOW POWER fuel, if you ran just 15% of it in your car (E-15) it would struggle to accellerate and burn up the engine as a consequence of running lean. (Causes overheating) Let's don't even THINK about what E-85 would do to a nonflexfuel car. All flexfuel means is it can readjust to run richer with E-85 in it, so you use more and run empty in just half the distance.

So how is it this engine can generate so much power from ethanol and water, and why isn't it hot? Well, the water in the fuel is to cool it, for one thing. But rather than get into engineering, let's get started on the fact that ONLY in America can we build this engine, so if it was in American cars, you'd have a reason to buy one.

So why isn't T. Boone Pickens promoting this, and other efficiencies? It's not how HE will make money. But until he learns how to see beyond what HE wants, he'll always be inconsequential.

Oh well, do you know how much I make off my natural gas assets? CNG isn't much of a solution to our energy dilemma, but it's pretty easy to make money off of. Don't listen to me, it's easy fro you to say I'm as inconsequential as T. Boone Pickens. I just loved where he donated $100 million to his old school and invested it fro them, only to lose it all. Nothing left of consequence. I've got more than enough to buy a piece of history from Mr. Moller, should I decide to.|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

Anonymous said...

Charlie Rose is the god of the interview, I just love his style.