Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Presidential Race Enters Last Lap

With 22 days until the presidential election, Barack Obama's ahead in the polls with a chance to make history.

On Tuesday's To the Point radio program, McCain and Palin have been stalled by the economy. Is Obama being straightforward about the crisis? Are voters straightforward with pollsters when it comes to Obama?

To The Point is a daily national talk show on public radio hosted by broadcast journalist Warren Olney. Check local listings for the public radio station in your area that carries it. Or link to the show weekdays via Bosco Radio News and Information starting at 12 noon PT/3 PM ET

This show about the Presidential Election has been archived and can be accessed via www.kcrw.com

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Doug Vehle said...

Hey, it's all over for Obama now. The Vietnam veterans are after him for not registering for the draft, and he's gonna try to make some little excuse. But come on, what chance does he have? Look what being caught as a draft dodger did to Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney. And let's not forget the AWOL dodged-the-draft-through-family-connections Dubya, walking away from the Air National Guard so he could do his court ordered community sentence for snorting coke. To paraphrase the Soup Nazi, 'No vote for YOU!'

Damn, Clinton is lucky he really did register for the draft. (And he did, though they try to make you think he didn't.) Obama, there's no hope. No hope at all.


In fact, wasn't Obama running around calling Vietnam 'A Poopy place' at the time?