Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jackson Browne Comes Back Just In Time

Jackson Browne
Time The Conqueror
Inside Records
5 Scoops of Bosco

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

It has been six years since Jackson Browne has released an album of new material. Last month he broke the drought with his 13th studio album, Time the Conqueror. This is the first album under his own independent label Inside Records.

Given the fact that we are a few weeks away from the election and given Browne's political and social activism the timing couldn't be more appropriate.

Time The Conqueror represents some of the most honest, beautiful, emotional, passionate and direct songwriting and music of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's 30 plus year career.

Produced by Browne and Paul Dieter, the support group that have been with him since 1996 are back and sounding better than ever: They are Bassist Kevin McCormick, Guitarist Mark Goldenberg, Drummer Mauricio Lewak and keyboard player and singer Jeff Young. They are joined by the beautiful vocal stylings of Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills. Browne worked with Morris and Mills on the Levite Camp debut album that he co-produced in 2006.

The songs range from the political ("Drums of War", "The Arms of Night", "From the Arms of Hunger" and the hard driving "Where Were You" about the Hurricane Katrina Response) to the beautiful in "Going To Cuba" and "Say Yeah" to the sensual "Live Nude Cabaret".

To all of the Jackson Browne fans who were yearning for an album of new material, the wait is over and it was worth the wait.

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