Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Financial Crisis And The Election

Warren Olney (right) the host of To the Point discussed the impact the current financial crisis is having on the election on Thursday's show.

The financial crisis means risks and opportunities for investors and politicians. Beyond TV ads and slogans, has either John McCain or Barack Obama come up with a fix? Thursday, on the To the Point radio program... Republicans have been running the show for eight years, but Democrats also had a hand in deregulation. Will the blame game be enough between now and election day?

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Doug Vehle said...

The Financial Crisis demonstrates:

1) The cluelessness of Obama; who is touting his embarassing 2006 bill that he introduced that grandstanded that, now that the cow was out of the barn, the door should have been kept shut. Nothing in the bill about HOW to close the door, or to insure that it remained closed, just the fingerpointing over the fact that the door was left open so the cow could wander out.

2) The maverick nature of McCain; who years earlier had a bill of his own, which others in the Senate didn't want to deal with because of the short term benefits of stimulating the economy with all these transactions that are now collapsing. Had McCain been allowed to close the door of the barn at that time, the cow would still be in there.

3) The dishonesty of Obama; carrying on about his 'Great Effort' to save the economy after it was too late, and pointing the finger and saying "McCain did NOTHING." Obama was told he didn't have a real bill, he put no effort forth. Had Obama known was a cow even WAS, he'd have known it was too late to close the door even if he'd known how to do THAT instead of standing around stamping his feet. It doesn't matter that Obama is WRONG, or at least his supporters HOPE not.

4) The ineffectiveness of McCain; trying to stick his finger in the doorway of the barn like the kid with his finger in the dyke, or even the kid that cried 'The cow is LEAVING' so many times nobody would listen to him. It doesn't matter that McCain is right, he's unwilling to EARMARK the job to get done, a la sit down with paople and say 'Okay, I'll go along with your getting your appropriations if you will JUST support the right job getting done.' No, he's gotta go off on his own.

5) The STUPIDITY of seeking change; when the current system WORKS. And it does work. Obama's nonsense was stalled because it really wasn't even there to waste time on, McCain's effort was stalled because he wouldn't go inside and do what had to be done.

Dammit, nobody should even CARE about the way it should be. It's not that way, and it's not gonna be that way. Obama has already done what bush did in 2000, and found a way to deprive America of our first choice for President while being less popular. (Hillary got more votes, don't forget.)

In so doing he has kept us from having one of the most QUALIFIED Presidents' America would ever see, someone whom has made a life of making disfunctional systems work. Before Bill Clinton, Arkansas was dead last in EVERYTHING in this country, and Hillary played a big part in turning around much of it, including education, which she spent much of the 80's running in that state, without being elected or paid. Obama will never bring that kind of hands on to anything he does, no matter how much he's asked.

This election isn't about who'll do the most good anymore, it's about who'll do the least damage. Obama has already proven that's not him. Meet the new change, same as the old change.