Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Campaign and Debate Must Continue

By Allen Bacon
Editor, The Daily Bosco

Senator John McCain's heart is probably in the right place by wanting to suspend the campaign to help out on the US's biggest Economic disaster since the end of World War II. But it doesn't make it right.

There is no doubt Senators McCain and Obama need to be at the table along with their Vice President candidates as the discussions about how this Economic mess gets fixed proceeds. Afterall, one of these administrations is going to inherit this fiasco and they better hit the bricks running right now.

Suspending the campaign and the debates is a totally separate issue.

What does this say about John McCain that he can't multi-task? He can't work on the Economy in the day time and then work on something else like a debate in the evening?

This is the most important Presidential campaign in recent memory. The economy, as horrible as it is, is just one problem. The next President is going to have to work on Health Care problems, the War on Terror, the economy and a multitude of other problems...all in a days work.

McCain has made a tactical error. If he thinks he's getting points for working on the Economy while ignoring his doesn't work that way. Barack Obama has come out looking like the stronger candidate here and cool under pressure. That's a way a President should act. That's the way you would expect somebody like McCain with all the years of experience to act. Not somebody nearly 30 years his junior.

If McCain wants to suspend the's an idea. Let's just stop it right now and do the vote now. No debates. No campaign. We need a change now. We can't wait until January for this to happen.

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Doug Vehle said...

You really think Obama is multitasking? He's never done anything in the senate, now is no exception, and he's not exactly putting up a big effort in his campaign.

In 1988, Michael Dukakis left his 17 point lead in the polls behind and dove into some murky issues in Massachusetts, where he was still Governor. Some question of whether it was in his best interest to have these nagging problems associated with his name at the time, (Mainly it was what the failing REPUBLICAN economy was doing to his state) but it was the only way he had of remaining in the press.

The real story was, his campaign was broke. They stopped campaigning in California altogether, so the Democratic party came up with what was considered the most effective Dukakis spots of the election, satirizing Republican strategists. But after a month out of sight, Dukakis was trailing in the polls, and never caught up.

Yeah, God forbid that a politician should ever neglect campaigning and fundraising to deal with a crisis. Next thing you know, they'll start handling ALL the things we elected them to do, and refusing to take a dime.

I'm sure Obama will offer an earfull about McCain daring to put the job ahead of a debate. Finger pointing at its' best.