Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pick A Vice President Candidate Already!

By Allen Bacon
The Daily Bosco

One of the things I am quickly getting annoyed with Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is how he is creating an event out of his choice of a Vice President candidate. He is supposedly going to announce this on the way to the Democratic convention in Denver at the same place he announced his run for Illinois... this weekend. Or maybe it will before that. He's being coy.

The list of possibilities is believed to be down to Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who planned to campaign in his home state Thursday with Obama. Obama keeps using the "He" when he talks about his VP candidate. So it's probably not Kathleen Sebelius. But he says not to read too much into it. It could be a woman.

Did I miss something? What happened to Wesley Clark? Now that would be an interesting ticket. Or what about Bill Clinton? Let's put the "vice" back in the Vice Presidency.

And I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that McCain is acting the same way. He needs to pick a running mate too. McCain's top contenders are said to include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Other possible choices are former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman. Yes.. Tom Ridge an Abortion Rights guy and Lieberman the ex-Democrat. What party is McCain running for again? And while I'm on the subject. I'm going to miss President, er Vice President Dick Cheney. What with the way he runs the government and shooting at his friends on hunting trips and all. Romney, Ridge, or Lieberman are going to have some big shoes to fill.

The Presidential race is probably going to be a close one. Once again we don't have the best that America has to offer running for President. It may come down to who is going to be a great Vice President. This is serious. Maybe both OBama and McCain are waiting to see who blinks first so the other can counter with a stronger VP candidate.

In the meantime, the suspense is killing me.

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Doug Vehle said...

You don't get it. Obama was hoping to prove his choice of a VP is irrelevant. In the past there'd be no announcement of who your 2nd bananna would be until the convention. Reagan broke with convention when he tried to make some hay by saying if he SOMEHOW came back and won the nomination, he'd pick---(Who Cares? LOSER.) It was intended to force frontrunning President Ford, who had to replace Nelson Rockefeller for VP, to make his choice public and possibly trip himself up. (Figuratively) The tactic didn't work.

The choice as VP doesn't matter. As Steve Martin once said 'You can have Jesus Christ as your opening act and it won't matter, if you're the headliner, people only know that YOU are going to be there.' In a foreshadowing of how stupid his son would be, then President George H. W. Bush tried to whisper the name of his chosen running mate in 1988, and was so loud that the press all around him was able to hear and report that the Republicans were about to nominate a senate who had just had a sexual harassment complaint reported, and even play soundbytes of previous interviews with victim Paula Parkinson telling of how he (Married) told her he (Married) could make her job as a lobbyist impossible if she didn't have sex with him, (Married) here while she was already rumored to be the mistress of then Congressman Thomas B. Evans. And Quayle (Already married, not a rumor) went on to create additional embarassment, as was certain that he would, including spouting about 'Family Values' that HE obviously didn't have. Parkinson went on to be in some sort of 'Playboy Girls of the Married Republicans' pictorial.

So WHY is Obama suddenly saying he's going to take the stage with his nominee this weekend? Probably 5 days sooner than he even has to acknowledge there'll even be someone besides him on the ticket. If you read that poll up there I gave you the link for, you realize it's because he's lost 6 points in the polls as McCain has gained 6. The undecided is unchanged. This is a terrible sign if you're Obama. If you're McCain you're giddy about the whole thing. Like Reagan in '76, Obama needs the attention, and the HOPE that this might somehow result in McCain getting hurt. How well did it work in '76?

So as Barack Hissing Obama struggles to talk tough back at McCain, who is only toying with his opponent and still leaving bruises, Hissing must be longing for a running mate like Lloyd Bentsen, who (Figuratively) punched Dan Quayle's head through the wall in the Vice Presidential debate. Except it wouldn't matter, the Presidential candidate on one side will laugh off the VP candidate on the other, if the VP candidate starts hissing like Obama. This would backfire for the Hissy Fit crew.

So my advice is, STOP caring who the VP nominee will be. McCain doesn't care, not about whose name Obama will hiss---er, SPEAK; and really, not about whom his OWN running mate will be.

McCain only cares about the poll below, as this is becoming far more important than being a rockstar in this campaign, day by day.