Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On...Again

You just knew that I wasn't going to let the day go by without mentioning the earthquake a few miles from my home. If you read this on a regular basis then you know I live in Southern California about 10 miles south of the epicenter of the quake yesterday.

Here's the thing I don't understand about the earthquake television coverage. The epicenter was in the city of Chino Hills. When I tune on the TV to get the latest...they are talking to people in San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Northridge...uh, how about the epicenter? How are the folks in Chino Hills and Chino doing?

Then they kept showing over and over again this building that was reduced to rubble. Again not near the epicenter. Which wasn't retrofitted. It was abandoned. It should have been demolished to begin with. If you were just tuning in for the first time you would have thought they were showing something from downtown Beirut.

Good to see Kent Shocknick back on the horse. If you were living here during the Northridge quake, this was the guy that freaked out while he was on air and dove underneath his desk while his two colleagues stayed in there seat. It made blooper shows for years after. But there he was yesterday, his butt firmly planted to his seat and even while there were aftershocks, he stayed there to his credit.

Here's a note to local DJ's...spare us the quake songs....You know, "I feel the Earth Move," "Whole lot of Shakin' Goin' On"....well you get the idea...last thing our rattled nerves need is a reminder of what happened. And stop interviewing people that were having sex during the quake. "Uh, me and my boyfriend were doin' the nasty in the jacuzzi when it happened and our neighbor poked his head over the fence to see if everything was ok..." TMI baby...TMI

And one more media request. When you realize for the most part everybody is safe and sound and it's just another day at the office for Southern Californians...return to your regular programming...important stuff like All My Children.

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

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