Thursday, July 3, 2008

CNN Headline News Should Be Ashamed

While I am working from my "office of the day"....the Bayside Inn and Restaurant in Kotzebue Alaska, I have been subjected to the CNN Headline News. I can't change the channel. Believe me...I would...If I could.

Here's the stories I have been listening to over and over today on CNN Headline News.

Some goofball kid, a 16 year old, launched a baby from an air mattress and put it on Youtube. CNN, while almost giggling says that you may not want to watch this but insists on showing the video over and over again. They said it was ok to show because the baby wasn't hurt.

The other story they have been following today is the Christie Brinkley "nasty" divorce with her husband. How gleeful they are when the "reporters" tell us how they used to use porn to "get in the mood".

I know one thing. This garbage would probably not be allowed to air when Ted Turner was in control. What happened to the trusted, serious news organization I remember from the 80's? This has all been sacrificed in the pursuit of ratings.

I suggest CNN Headline News get into another business or rename their network. They should be ashamed to call themselves a news organization.

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