Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American League Slides By in the Fifteenth

There's No Tying In Baseball!

Last night's, er this morning's, MLB All-star game was not only the longest game inning-wise and longest time-wise it was also one of the most exciting of the mid-summer classics in recent memory. What a fitting way to send off the old Yankee Stadium as a site for the game.

When Justin Morneau lumbered home with the winning run at around 1:30 AM EST my thoughts quickly flashed back to 1971 at Riverfront Stadium when Pete Rose crashed into Ray Fosse in one of the most controversial moments of the all-star game. But Justin Morneau is not Pete Rose and he avoided injury by sliding just ahead of the tag for the 4-3 AL Win.

A good thing too. That's because both sides were using their last pitcher. The debacle of 2002 where the game ended in a tie was starting to rear it's ugly head. I'm surprised that Commisioner Bud Selig didn't jump into the celebration in the AL dugout. That would have been a disaster, after all the measures to ensure a tie wouldn't happen again, if this game ended in a tie.

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