Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jack Johnson Goes Back to the Basics

Music: Jack Johnson combines Environmental Consciousness With Great Writing, Great Music, and Musical Craftsmanship on His Latest

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through The Static
Brushfire Records
5 tablespoons of Bosco

The first thing that impressed me about Jack Johnson's latest album is that it was recorded with 100% Solar Energy and the CD Cover is printed on 100% Recycled and FSC Certified paper. Kudos to Johnson on that and that's great but what about the music?

Johnson comes through with his most impressive offering to date on Sleep Through The Static. The songs that grab your attention are Hope and If I Had Eyes but really all of the songs are well-written, well-executed, and well-sung with Johnson's unique and pleasant voice.

If he has any flaw it's that sometimes he can be too mellow for his own good as in Adrift and he might lose a few listeners until you give it a second and third listen and realize how brilliant this album is.

In addition to Johnson's guitars...there is great musicianship by his band comprised of Adam Topol (drums), Merlo Podlewski (bass) and Zach Gill (keyboards).

Reviewed by: Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

Photo Credit: Statia Molewski, Rolling Stone

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