Sunday, June 1, 2008

This Radio Station Doesn't Need DJ's

Radio: The new LA-based World Class Rock Station, The Sound 100.3 would be better served by not having DJ's and maybe have artists like John Mayer (right) introduce the music.

By Allen Bacon
The Daily Bosco

I was reading Gary Lycan's wonderful column on radio in the Orange County Register this morning and learned that the new World Class Rock Station, 100.3 FM or "The Sound" is adding Andy Chanley (fomerly of 103.1 FM) as the first DJ in the drive time slot starting tommorrow from 3-8 PM PST.

Again, nobody asked me or has paid me a consulting fee, and this is nothing against Andy Chanley, who I believe is a good fit for the station... but this radio station doesn't really need a DJ per se. This is very evident from how the staion has been run in the early-going. The format has worked. No Dj's...very little commercials... some voice-overs introducing new songs...Did I mention no DJ's?

I originally thought of going after people like Chris Douridas and Nic Harcourt from KCRW and Jim Ladd (see earlier article) but then I thought of something else...Why don't they have the artists introduce the music. For instance, when John Mayer's "Homelife" comes on...maybe he can tell us what he had in mine when he wrote the song, and give us some understanding about his music. I think that would be interesting.

Bosco Radio: The Music Channel
links to the Sound daily. If you are away from the LA market, it's a good way to listen.

Radio Briefs: In LA, also according to Lycan, Steve Mason and John Ireland who did sports talk in the mid-90's at XTRA/690 AM and at KSPN 710 AM from 2003-2007 are reported reuniting again starting Monday on a new show on KSPN. Which prompts the question, why? If it didn't work twice before, why would they think it is going to work now?

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