Monday, May 26, 2008

Sydney Pollack: An Appreciation

Sydney Pollack, the wonderful actor and director died on Memorial Day from cancer. He was only 73.

The thing I appreciated about Sydney Pollack was that when he was acting he never allowed himself to be type-cast. He could play a comedy role as he did in Tootsie or be a serious actor as he was in last year's Michael Clayton with equal effectiveness.

He really shined behind his camera though. My appreciation for Pollack as a director really began when he was directing television for Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Fugitive. Those episodes that he produced for those two series are absolute classics and stand the test of time today.

My favorite Sydney Pollack movies of course are Out of Africa and Tootsie. Two movies on total opposite ends of the spectrum. And this is where it really shows how respected he was. Whenever you have artists on the caliber of Meryl Streep, Sally Fields, Robert Redford, and Dustin Hoffman chomping at the bit to have the chance to work with you then you know you are somebody special.

By Allen Bacon, Editor, The Daily Bosco

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Anonymous said...

He was a great actor/director. He will be missed.