Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Robyn: 80's Madonna Meets The Teddy Bears

Robyn, the Techno-Pop Diva from Sweden, hits the stores today in America with her latest Album, Robyn. Klas Ahlund from Teddy Bears lends a hand

Konichiwa Records
4 teaspoons of Bosco

By Allen Bacon

One of the great things about doing this magazine is that a lot of new music comes across my desk for perusal and review. Sometimes it seems like it's a constant stream of bad music. But every once in a while something grabs my attention.

I was listening to the latest from Swedish Techno Pop artist Robyn when I noticed something familiar. Well actually two things familiar. First of all, before I get into that.... if you are expecting ABBA put to Techno pop here...forget it. This petite dynamo of a Swede has blonde hair and blue eyes all right but that's where that similarity ends. She rocks and she rocks hard. No, the first thing I noticed was the music and the beat...it sounded familiar. That's when I realized it is heavily influenced from that other techno pop sensation from Sweden, the Teddy Bears. In fact Klas Ahlund from Teddy Bears co-writes and produces several tracks on this album including their own Cobrastyle (you know the song from the beer commercial). That being aside, in that aspect, the Teddy Bears, for whatever reason sound better on their own albums...they seem not to be quite at the same level as usual which means Robyn was probably calling the shots here and took away part of their, dare I say, masculinity.

The other think I found familiar...and it's not a bad thing actually...is Robyn's vocals. She reminds me a lot of Madonna when she first got started. That sweet and innocent sounding young voice which belies what is coming out of it. This album does carry a parental warning label. But it's also fun, has great beats and is very danceable.

Aside from Cobrastyle, other listenable tracks on this album which hits the stores in America today are Konichiwa Bitches, Handle Me, Who's That Girl?, and Crash and Burn Girl. This album was released in Europe last year.

Photo Credit: www.robyn.com

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